Blog Post 21/03/2019

5 lesser-mentioned cities to consider if you’re thinking of moving overseas in 2019

With this year being our 40th anniversary year here at Simpsons Removals, we’re proud to be continuing to help all manner of people to realise their dreams of moving overseas.

One trend that has certainly become apparent over those years is an increasing tendency for many people to locate themselves in major cities and towns. Furthermore, it’s a trend that looks set to make itself felt to an even greater extent in the years to come, as the 55% of the world’s population that presently lives in urban areas is projected to rise to 68% by 2050.

Not all of the world’s cities to which many Britons move, however, are the obvious ones that you would expect. Below are just a few of the destinations we can serve that may not exactly be the first to come to mind if you’re interested in moving overseas yourself in 2019.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Malaysian capital is one of the fastest growing metropolitan regions in Southeast Asia, so it’s hardly a surprise that many expatriates are considering embarking on new lives here. The city is fabulously diverse in terms of its population, while notable landmarks include the likes of the Petronas Towers, Jamek Mosque and Kuala Lumpur Tower.

Brussels, Belgium

The Belgian capital may be synonymous with the European Union (EU) – which maintains a number of its institutions here – but the city deserves its unofficial title of the ‘Crossroads of Europe’ for more reasons than this. Whether you are mainly attracted to Brussels by the sophisticated cuisine, historical sites like the Grand Place, or something else entirely, you can expect quite the cosmopolitan and refined, but also enthralling experience.

Auckland, New Zealand

While this city on New Zealand’s North Island is one of the most expensive cities in the world in which to live, you will definitely get what you pay for as far as its standard of living is concerned. An impressive variety of museums, theatres, restaurants, parks and other attractions like the Harbour Bridge, Sky Tower and Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki makes Auckland a major draw for expats.

Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish capital is another city to be highly rated for its liveability, with British magazine Monocle having declared it to be the most liveable city in the world in its 2011 liveable cities index. The magazine described Helsinki as “an unorthodox but well-deserving champion”, adding that it stood out “for its fundamental courage to rethink its urban ambitions, and for possessing the talent, ideas and guts to pull it off.”

Johannesburg, South Africa

South Africa’s largest city has more to offer expats than you might expect. It is frequently described as the economic powerhouse of Africa, but also showcases a broad variety of cultural venues and institutions, encompassing the likes of the Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg Art Gallery, James Hall Transport Museum, MuseuMAfricA and the South African National Museum of Military History.

Could any of these destinations be your target if you are interested in moving overseas with the assistance of a reputable removals firm like Simpsons Removals? If so, remember that it’s a quick and easy process to ask for a quote from our experts in international moves.

Blog Post 27/02/2019

 5 simple tricks to minimise the hassle of your move abroad

 We’re seemingly all so accustomed to hearing about how difficult it is to move overseas, that some of us can end up feeling more than a little overwhelmed when the time comes to actually organise such a big relocation.

However, there are definitely ways to make an overseas move surprisingly easy, simple and stress-free. What’s more, not all of them have anything to do with our professional and seasoned international movers here at Simpsons Removals.

Here are a just a few of the things that we would suggest you do.

Set up as many things as possible before leaving

 An overseas move isn’t just about the more ‘glamorous’ aspects. Indeed, most of the time, you’ll be performing much more mundane tasks, such as setting up an overseas bank account, arranging visas for your family, and contacting utilities providers in your new country.

The good news is that a lot of these things can be done prior to your actual move, which will help to ensure a smoother transition when you do finally arrive there in person.

Get our international movers to do your packing for you

 A full professional export pack of your goods by our team here at Simpsons Removals will take a significant load off your mind, if you excuse the pun.

Indeed, not only could taking advantage of this service free up a lot of time for you to focus on other aspects of your move, but you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuable possessions have been packed to the highest standards. It gives you an improved level of insurance cover, too.

Leave your less essential items back home – or even sell them

 Taking a bit of time to separate your goods into various categories – essential, replaceable and not needing to be brought with you at all – can do a lot to lessen the stress associated with a major overseas relocation.

The truth is that it’s easy for many of us to forget we even have such a large number of possessions until we attempt to move them. If there are certain items that you are unlikely to miss or ever use again, you could even sell them to give yourself a bit more money to put towards your move abroad.

Look for fully furnished accommodation

 Whether you are going as far as buying a house overseas to coincide with your move, or you are instead simply interested in renting somewhere relatively modest for what may only be a six-month or one-year stay, there’s no rule that says you have to bring absolutely every possession with you.

Items of furniture like sofas, chairs, tables, wardrobes and beds can be a particular hassle to try to move. Leaving them at home and restricting your property search to completely furnished accommodation may therefore make a lot of sense.

Schedule some vital downtime

 Just taking an hour or two out of each otherwise busy day overseeing a big removals process could hugely enhance your wellbeing. Indeed, by lowering your stress at what could otherwise be a very stressful time, you can also keep your mind clearer so that you make better decisions.

Why not spend such downtime visiting your favourite pub for one last time, for instance, or taking in a local landmark or attraction at your destination between periods of unpacking?

Request your competitive quote from our international movers now, and you’ll soon realise why Simpsons Removals has been such a trustworthy name in the removals sector for almost four decades. You can call us on 0800 515 930, or email

Blog Post 07/02/2019

The key questions to ask yourself to determine the best country for your overseas relocation

The practical aspects of moving overseas can sometimes understandably be overlooked in favour of the more glamorous reasons to do so. However, there are certain questions that you simply must ask yourself when planning a relocation abroad, if such a move is to be a success.

Here are some of the most important of them.

Are you actually able to live there?

While the British passport has historically been received favourably by many countries around the world, you can’t necessarily guarantee a hassle-free move to whatever destination you have in mind.

Some countries can have quite stringent visa requirements and other restrictions that apply to newcomers. In other parts of the world, meanwhile, you may need to have a certain verified amount of monthly income or sponsorship from an employer before you can make your move.

How easily can you travel around and beyond your new country’s borders?

There is a temptation for many people interested in moving overseas to opt for the ‘peace and tranquillity’ of a relatively isolated part of the world, only to find that the lack of transport connections in their new country makes it difficult for them to travel anywhere.

Even simply leaving the country to visit friends and family back home could be a monumental hassle if you choose the wrong place for your needs. Remember that even just a bus route being cancelled, an airport closing or certain cheap flights becoming unavailable unexpectedly could seriously hamper your flexibility to travel in and around your chosen country or locality.

How safe is that country?

This is a broad question that covers local crime rates and governmental and political stability, but also such factors as whether you can easily access medical care in the event of any member of your family becoming ill or sustaining an injury.

Naturally, there is an element of risk to any location to which you may choose to move. You will therefore need to balance safety considerations with other factors in this list, and consider which location would represent the most sensible overall choice.

Does the culture or religion of that country suit you?

While experiencing new and unfamiliar cultures around the world can be intriguing and exhilarating, it is one matter to live in a country that is ‘refreshingly different’, and quite another to reside somewhere that simply leaves you uncomfortable, and your lifestyle potentially compromised.

Cultural or religious factors should therefore be considered by anyone giving any thought to moving overseas. Here at Simpsons Removals, we would certainly recommend that you immerse yourself in your favoured nation’s culture as a visitor before making any concrete relocation plans.

While there are many elements of moving overseas that can cause stress, choosing the right removals partners can help to greatly alleviate worries about such matters as the safety of your goods and the cost of such a major relocation. The Simpsons Removals team can give you a free and comprehensive quote when you contact them online today.

Blog Post 29/01/2019

 Fun in the sun: where to enjoy warmer climes on a budget

 In the UK, we are blessed with many things, including an amazing history, buoyant culture and free-to-access National Health Service (NHS), to name just a few. However, we haven’t been smiled-upon so much when it comes to the weather – making it, perhaps, one of your strongest incentives to relocate.

However, there’s also no escaping the potentially prohibitive expense that can come with a new life overseas. Can you really afford a life of abundant sun, warm climate and beautiful beaches?

The answer could actually be a surprising ‘yes’ if you consider the following destinations.


 Key to the appeal of Panama is that it offers a little bit of everything. So, while the beach options include the impressive Coronado, it remains only a one-hour trip from Panama City. It’s the Central American country’s largest city, with a pleasingly bustling and cosmopolitan feel.

Costa Rica

There are plenty of places to unleash your inner Aquaman in Costa Rica, which is one of Panama’s neighbours. However, as well as enjoying the water with surfing, diving and fishing, you can hike, ride horses and enjoy a spot of golf. Even eating out doesn’t have to be expensive here.


Ecuador is another exotic setting where a beach lifestyle wouldn’t weigh too heavily on your bank balance, especially if you are single – in which case, you could comfortably afford to live anywhere in this South American country. Furthermore, a varied climate lets you cool down as you fancy.


This is a delightfully warm place – and that’s just referring to the welcome you’ll get from the population! Medellin, Colombia’s second-largest city, strikes a nice balance if you don’t want to feel ‘hot and bothered’. It’s a very green place that is akin to spring all year round.


If leaving Europe would feel like too big a trek for you, keep in mind that Spain is resplendent in golden beaches and an amazingly good standard of living. Even the food is cheap, as much of it is home-grown. Living in Spain could make you feel like you are permanently on holiday.

Wherever you do choose to move, our overseas movers here at Simpsons Removals can help you to handle many aspects of your relocation, including sourcing packing materials and arranging for goods to be transported in secure and commodious containers.

It’s even easy to request a quote from us online – so don’t hesitate if you wish to make your dream move come true with the minimum of fuss.

Blog Post 11/01/2019

 You’re running out of time to complete your dream move abroad in time for Brexit!

Just in case you’ve somehow managed to avoid the news headlines over the last two-and-a-half years, it’s worth us emphasising once more that on 29th March 2019, Britain is presently set to depart from the European Union (EU). That might mean many things to you – but one thing it certainly means to international movers like ourselves is an exceedingly busy schedule.

You see, the end of March is now just 11 weeks – or 79 days – away. Given that we would generally recommend not leaving it any later than 12 weeks in advance of your move to start searching for a removals company, if you are intending to relocate overseas in time for the Brexit deadline, you really ought to have got in touch by now with our team here at Simpsons Removals.

If you haven’t yet requested a quote from us, however, you don’t necessarily have reason to panic. That’s because, as we have done continuously since 1979, we will continue to provide our services as international movers right through Brexit and beyond.

It helps, however, to know what services we have to offer that can cater to your specific needs.

Part load or full load? They’re both options with us

One of the first decisions that you will need to make when contemplating the right international movers for your big relocation is whether you will be best-served by a full container load or part container load service – or indeed, another service altogether.

Your decision here is likely to be at least partly dictated by the size of your move and the budget that you have to play with, although your level of flexibility may play a role, too. Our part load service, for instance, is more affordable than its dedicated full container load counterpart, but the lead time to delivery is slightly longer. Furthermore, it must be borne in mind that unforeseen factors may affect the timing of your goods’ arrival at their destination.

Don’t forget our various associated services, too

Whether or not you’re specifically timing your relocation to coincide with Brexit, it will doubtless help to lessen your stress during this tricky time if you can work with international movers who are able to provide various other services alongside the removal operation itself.

Does your chosen firm, for example, provide storage and maintain partnerships with other companies worldwide through which you can access storage, including at the destination? What about the packing process? Here at Simpsons Removals, we can supply all of the essential materials that you will need to do your own packing. However, we would also be delighted to undertake a full professional export pack of your possessions, should you desire this.

Then, there’s the not-insignificant matter of insurance, which – again – we can provide for your utmost peace of mind when your goods are on the move.

Whatever your expectations may be for Brexit or your new life after your big overseas move this year, when you place your faith in Simpsons Removals as your chosen international movers, you can expect the same utter professionalism, efficiency and value that we have embodied for decades.

Blog Post 21/12/2018

How to reduce the costs of moving overseas

Relocating to another part of the world can be described as many things – ‘exciting’, ‘challenging’ and ‘enthralling’ are just some of the terms that may come to your own mind. However, another factor in moving overseas that certainly cannot be understated is its cost.

The below is not an exhaustive list of the ways in which you can reduce how much you are forced to spend on your international move. Nonetheless, it should provide a useful starting point.

Use our container part load service

This is one of the main ways in which we can lessen the financial burden on those moving overseas with our assistance here at Simpsons Removals. It is an option for transporting your possessions that differs from our full container load service, in that your goods are stored and carried alongside those of other users of our removal services within the same container.

The lead time to delivery with this service is therefore slightly longer than is the case when the client opts for a dedicated sole use container. Nonetheless, the quality of service provided remains impeccable, and the savings possible can make such modest compromise more than worthwhile.

Pack your goods yourself

You may be fortunate enough to have the necessary materials to hand already to enable you to do your own packing. However, if you do find yourself short of any of the bubble wrap, packing tape, voidfill, wrapping paper, export strength cartons or other key packing materials that you might need, we can supply these to you at competitive prices.

Sell items and replace them at the destination

This might seem to some to be a slightly drastic step, and we would certainly advise against you selling any goods that are of sentimental value to you, not least because having them with you at your new home will greatly help you to settle in.

Nonetheless, for items that can be much more easily replaced at the destination – or which you won’t need immediately after your move in any case – it might be well worth leaving them behind or selling them to minimise the overall amount of money you have to spend on your relocation.

Move to an area with lower property prices

It isn’t just the initial costs that you incur when moving overseas that will significantly affect how much money you have left in your bank account within those first few months or years of relocating.

You should therefore be mindful of the property market situation at your destination country or jurisdiction, and might consider moving at least initially to an area with lower house prices or rental values. All of the other relevant fees, charges and taxes associated with whatever accommodation arrangement you adopt will also need to be accounted for.

Another good means of accurately assessing the cost of moving overseas is asking the Simpsons Removals team for a quote for your removals job. You can do so quickly and easily online now; alternatively, call 0800 515 930 for further guidance before making the decision to partner with us for your big international relocation.

Blog Post 07/12/2018

A few tips for ensuring you pack appropriately for your big relocation abroad

It would be easy to think that if you simply partner with reliable and trusted overseas movers like Simpsons Removals that also happen to offer a packing service, it isn’t an aspect of your relocation that you’ll need to think about much.

However, it’s still well worth considering certain factors like the below when it comes to the packing of your goods, not least because you’ll have to pay for their transportation regardless.

Is it really worth bringing along all of that paperwork?

With so much else that you will need to ship from what may be one side of the world to another, you might want to think twice about packing all of your paperwork for the move. Instead, consider scanning and storing many of your important documents on your computer or in the cloud.

However, our overseas movers also realise that many of you may not entirely trust technology! That’s why we are perfectly happy to transport your paperwork with your other possessions if you would favour this, perhaps interspersed with periods of storage at our own facilities and/or those of our international partners, depending on the scale and complexity of the move.

Consider how long you’ll actually be gone for  

Naturally, if you are planning to spend literally years abroad, we would recommend that you have any items of practical necessity or sentimental value delivered to your new home.

If, though, you will only be away from your previous home for up to six months or a year, it might be best to leave a lot of your possessions with family or friends. Just be mindful that if there are any items among those that you might suddenly need in the future, it could be a headache to get hold of them quickly.

Sell items that you know you won’t need

An overseas relocation is a major punctuation point in your life, so why not take advantage of this by picking out old items – such as unwanted ornaments or that microwave you never got round to getting rid of after your mother bought you a new one – and selling them?

You might be shocked by just how many fewer items you will be required to pack when you adopt a suitably ruthless approach at this stage. It’s the perfect way to combine the necessary packing for your relocation with what may be a greatly overdue ‘spring clean’.

Don’t underestimate the importance of quality packing

Successful packing for a big move abroad isn’t necessarily just about thoroughly covering everything in bubble wrap and applying a load of adhesive tape around it. The truth is that there is an art to the perfect packing operation, which is just one reason why our own overseas movers can also bring you the benefit of a complete export packing service.

Even if you would still prefer to pack your possessions yourself, we can give you all of the essentials – including heavy duty cartons, book cartons, bubble wrap, tape and more – that could be instrumental in ensuring you achieve the best-quality pack.

For more information about what our long-established, professional and skilled overseas movers can do for you when you are relocating to another part of the world, why not give us a call now on 0800 515 930 or 01322 386 969, or email

Blog Post 22/11/2018

Make sure you avoid these common mistakes when relocating to another country

Working with our international movers to initiate your relocation overseas can be a sound way of minimising the risks of such a major change in your life. However, there is still plenty of scope for costly errors if you do not prepare yourself suitably in advance of your move.

Here are just some of the things that you should be careful not to do as an expatriate.

Misjudging your cost of living

When you are new to a country, it can be very easy to find yourself spending as if you are in ‘holiday mode’ – which may be understandable enough if you are eager to quickly immerse yourself in your new territory’s culture.

Thankfully, it’s relatively easy – with sites like Numbeo – to assess your likely living costs in a given country, so that you can compare this to your salary and consider what standard of living you will be able to afford.

Getting caught out by the local tax situation

There can be major differences between the tax situations of different countries, which could significantly impact on how much take-home pay you are able to enjoy in your new jurisdiction.

It’s therefore well worth engaging a professional financial adviser to inform you on how your new country’s policies in relation to payroll tax, personal income tax, capital gains tax and other taxes could affect you.

Packing prohibited or inappropriate items

Even in today’s globalised world, cultural differences between countries are very real – so pornography of any description, or even ‘just’ articles of simple nudity, are a no-no if you are relocating to a Muslim country, for example.

Also bear in mind the restrictions placed on what you can pack by your chosen international movers. Certain items may affect the terms of your insurance cover if you pack them, while others – including many easily available household cleaning products – must not be packed for safety reasons if they are flammable or otherwise hazardous.

Not making arrangements for the storage of your goods

Depending on the complexity of the journey that your items will need to undergo, as well as the likelihood of your goods reaching your destination country earlier than you do, it is important to ensure you will be able to keep track of your possessions and have them stored at certain stages if needed.

As acclaimed, experienced and well-connected international movers here at Simpsons, we have nominated partners at all main ports and airports across the globe. This helps to ensure that if, for example, you won’t be ready to accept delivery when your goods do reach your new country, you’ll be able to arrange for our partner to store the items for you.

Even the most seemingly straightforward move abroad can bring unexpected shocks and complexities. That’s why it is so vital to be mindful of such potential issues and take steps to avoid or mitigate them, including with your choice of international movers.

To make Simpsons your reliable partner for your international relocation, please don’t hesitate to request your competitive quote from us today.

Blog Post 09/11/2018

5 essential things to know before moving overseas

Moving overseas is one of those things that can seem simpler at first glance than it ever appears to be in practice. This doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t make the most of the opportunity to relocate to new, rewarding and (perhaps!) sunnier climes, if this is a decision that suits you.

It does, though, heighten the importance of being suitably prepared. So, here are some of the key elements that you need to consider and know about before calling a firm like Simpsons.

The location that you would like to move to

A certain part of the world may be one of your favourite holiday spots, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the most practical or sensible place to which to relocate. Have you undertaken sufficiently thorough research on such aspects of a given country as its education system, jobs market, housing availability, culture, traditions and laws, before deciding to make it your next destination?

The paperwork that you’ll require  

While – for the next few months until Brexit occurs, at least – you have the right to work in any European Economic Area (EEA) country as a UK citizen, there are many other countries that you may not be able to move to without a specific visa, which could be dependent on your profession or age.

The removals service that makes most sense

Choosing the right removals service tends to be a matter of striking the right compromise between desirability and cost. If you have a lot of items to transport, a definite date by which you’d like them to reach your new address and a decent budget, you may wish to invest in our full container load service.

Alternatively, we offer a part container load service for those who aren’t able to spend so much money on their move, and who can be more flexible about exactly when their goods arrive in their new country. Click through to learn more about what this latter service entails.

The insurance that could give you peace of mind

While moving overseas with the help of Simpsons Removals will greatly help to minimise the likelihood of anything undesirable happening to your treasured possessions, there are few absolute guarantees in this world. This is precisely why you should at least carefully consider the merits of insurance. Our own insurance policy here at Simpsons Removals can be easily viewed online.

The date you will be moving

This sounds like a rather obvious point, but it isn’t only you and anyone relocating with you who will benefit from certainty as to when your international move will actually take place. Your chosen removals company, for instance, needs to be contacted as soon as you know.

Remember that during the summer in particular, there can be a high level of demand for services like those of Simpsons Removals, so you won’t want to be forced to go with just any old removals firm due to last-minute unavailability in the schedules of other, more reputable companies.

There can be few more thrilling things that you do during your lifetime than moving overseas, but equally, it could also turn out to be one of the most stressful and difficult. So, don’t take the chance – instead, consider requesting a quote from our international movers as soon you can, so that you can swiftly get back to concentrating on other aspects of your big relocation.

Blog Post 26/10/2018

 Our overseas movers can even help you with the packing of your items

 Certain things about moving to another country may have been made easier by our increasingly globalised world, but one thing that will seemingly always be tricky is the packing process. That’s why you may understandably be cynical if we suggest that our overseas movers can help to take a lot of the stress and boredom out of the task of packing your goods for international transit.

Nonetheless, we absolutely can help you, in more ways than simply providing advice.

Have you remembered everything you need to pack?

 Given all of the things that you need to think about when overseeing a big move abroad, including sorting out passports and visas, informing your landlord, relatives and/or friends of your departure and arranging to have your mail redirected, considering what to pack may almost seem like an afterthought.

We would therefore strongly advise you to come up with a solid checklist of all of the items you’ll need to pack, especially if there are cost or other practical restraints that may prevent you from moving the entire contents of your home to your destination in one shipment.

Important documents such as tax, visa and travel insurance paperwork will likely be needed, of course. Medicines may also be essential, with prescriptions potentially needing to be stocked up before you leave. Clothes, toiletries and any essential electronics devices will have to be brought along, too.

Don’t pack yourself if it makes more sense to leave it to us

 Given how arduous and time-consuming packing can be, it’s no surprise that so many of our clients take advantage of our professional export packing service – not least as this allows them to rest easy in the knowledge that their goods have been properly packed for maximum protection.

A full professional export pack also enables us to give your items a higher level of insurance cover, and it isn’t even necessarily as expensive as you might imagine it to be.

But if you do decide that you would prefer to do your own packing, that’s OK, as we can also give you all of the packing materials you might need, at a good price. Bubble wrap, packing tape, void fill, wrapping paper, export-strength cartons and even purpose-built cases for especially fragile items are all available from us.

Enquire now for a competitive quote

 One last piece of advice: whether you wish to use both our packing and removals services or simply the latter, we strongly urge you to get in touch with us as soon as you have a confirmed date for your relocation. This will enable our overseas movers to accommodate you in their schedule – and once they have, you can relax a little and look ahead to your actual move.

Request a quote from our overseas movers today, and we will quickly get back in touch to make you an offer and – should you accept it – proceed with arranging your big international relocation.

Blog Post 12/10/2018

5 factors to consider before relocating your business to another country

If you are currently at the helm of a UK-based business, you might have thought about the possibility of relocating it overseas, with comparatively high levels of capital gains tax and income tax here in the UK perhaps particularly inspiring this strategy.

Although you may reap meaningful benefits from transferring your firm’s base to another country, the following factors warrant strong consideration before you make the move.

How might the rules and regulations be different?

By taking up occupancy in a new country, your business would become subject to a range of rules and regulations. Although relocating could trim your tax obligations, you could risk becoming ensnared by unfamiliar tax laws that, if you violate them, could land you major fines.

Can you overcome the language barrier?

Of course, if you move to another English-speaking country like Ireland or the United States, you might only have to adapt to subtle changes when using that language.

However, lacking fluency in the native language of a more exotic country, such as France or Spain, could prove a drag on the efficiency of your business operations – even if you hire an interpreter.

Can you get to grips with the other country’s culture?

Culture is a very different subject to language. Some supposedly harmless gestures that you are accustomed to making in the UK could inadvertently cause serious offence on the other side of the world. This calls for you to study your intended destination country’s culture closely.

How might you need to refashion your marketing abroad?

Well-honed marketing techniques with a long history of bearing fruit in the UK might not have quite the same effect in another territory. For this reason, you must initiate in-depth marketing research into your planned new market as a means of understanding the target audience.

How will you move all of your business equipment and supplies abroad?

The good news in response to this last question is that you don’t need to do so on your own. Instead, why not consider the services of a reputable overseas removals firm such as Simpsons Removals?

Our company possesses decades of experience in the professional, swift and safe transportation of items by sea or air as international movers.

When you call our Swanscombe office on 0800 515930 or our Chesterfield site on 0800 515117, we can arrange a comprehensive survey to assess your corporate removal needs – so why place your faith in any other international movers this autumn and winter?

Blog Post 20/07/2018

Our nearly four decades’ experience makes a big difference to those moving overseas

There are many aspects of our service that may catch your eye when you are seeking the ideal international removals firm, such as the availability of both part load and sole container shipping, as well as the storage that we can provide for your possessions – even at the destination.

However, there’s one other very important thing about our company that could do much to lessen your stress when you have a big overseas move planned – our many decades’ experience.

Trusted by the biggest names

Simpsons Removals and Storage Ltd was established in October 1979, in what was a very different world to now. Margaret Thatcher had only recently taken power in Britain, disco music was going out of fashion and we were just starting our journey to becoming one of the UK’s most trusted removal firms.

Almost four decades in operation indicates that we’ve been doing something right over all of those years. However, we have also never been content to rest on our laurels, and are continually looking for ways to expand and enhance our offer. It was this determination that led us to purchase our current warehouse facility in 2001, for example, which enabled us to double the amount of storage space we could provide.

Over the years, word of mouth has spread about our UK and overseas movers, such that even many celebrities have called upon our services, such as ex-Newcastle United manager Ruud Gullit, television personality Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and chef Gary Rhodes.

You can rest easy, thanks to our seasoned overseas movers

Today, our services have become more comprehensive than ever – especially for those moving overseas. Not only do we give you a choice between part load and sole container use services depending on such factors as your budget and how flexible you can be about the arrival of your goods at the destination, but we can also provide insurance. This cover can be enhanced still further when you allow our experienced team to undertake a professional export pack of your items.

Down the years, we have also been able to develop formidable links with local partners around the world, so that you can have the peace of mind of knowing your possessions will reach their destination in good time and in immaculate condition.

Being able to work with experienced people really does make a difference when you’re moving overseas – not least to your blood pressure! So, why not get a company with the considerable experience, resources and infrastructure – built up over many years – of Simpsons Removals to oversee your big relocation and get your items to their new home, safe and sound?

Blog Post 05/07/2018

You don’t have to choose between quality and affordability when comparing overseas movers

The opportunity to move abroad is not one that necessarily comes up often, and you will want this time in your life to be associated with the warmest memories. But if you are to ensure this, you will need to call upon the services of overseas movers who you can actually trust to deliver your goods to their destination in the best possible condition, quickly and affordably.

Thankfully, even if you’re on a tight budget, you don’t need to accept low quality from your own choice of overseas movers. Just take a look at some of the ways we help you to save money here at Simpsons Removals.

Different shipping methods to cater to different needs

There’s little point in asking for a full container load service from overseas movers like ours, if you only have a few boxes’ worth of goods to send to a foreign destination. That’s why, as well as such a service in the event that you do require it, we also give you the option of part container load shipping, which enables you to save money as long as you can be flexible about the delivery date.

Alternatively, you might just need something like our excess baggage service, which has been conceived with backpackers, students and travellers in mind.

We can even give you a professional export pack if needed

There are certain aspects of your big move that might present you with apparent opportunities to reduce your spending, with an obvious example being the packing of your goods.

However, such attempts to reduce costs can also sometimes be a false economy; not packing your possessions to an adequate standard, for instance, could run the risk of them being easily damaged during transit, which may necessitate money being spent on repair or replacement.

That’s why we would strongly advise you to consider a full professional export pack, as can be performed by our highly qualified and experienced staff.

Both quality and affordability can be provided by us

It’s vital for any decision on the right overseas movers for you to be informed by both quality and price considerations. Here at Simpsons Removals, we do not promise to always be the cheapest option. However, we do have an excellent track record of providing affordable removals that also give our clients the utmost peace of mind.

Request your free, no-obligation quote today for any of our acclaimed services, or browse our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section for further guidance on exactly what our overseas movers can do for you and your possessions.

Blog Post 22/06/2018

Why is it important to choose truly experienced international movers?

Your choice of removals firm isn’t something that you should be trying to save so much money on, that you put your possessions at risk – and this principle applies even more strongly when you are looking to move across borders. Experience is a particularly crucial characteristic to seek in international movers – and here are just some of the reasons why.

The need for the best-tailored removals service

Having your goods transported from A to B isn’t as straightforward a process as it might seem to be at first glance – not least because there are so many ways of doing it.

As experienced professional overseas movers here at Simpsons Removals, for instance, we can give you a choice between a ‘no expense spared’ full container load service, a cost-effective part-load service, or perhaps our excess baggage service, which is a popular choice among students, backpackers and travellers. All of this doesn’t even touch on our packing and storage capabilities.

Seasoned firms often have the best-developed resources

Of course, a removals company having been around for many years doesn’t automatically translate into them also having extensive resources to draw upon. However, if such a business has operated for decades like Simpsons Removals has, there’s also a good chance that it will have established the wide-ranging facilities that could make the removals process less stressful for you.

You might not be aware, for example, that we have our own storage facilities giving us a maximum capacity of more than 100,000 square feet, and can even store your goods at other places en route, which could be especially handy for those more complicated overseas moves.

Such a company may also be better-placed to answer those tricky questions

If your chosen international movers have been active in the industry for three or four decades rather than, let’s say, five to 10 years, it’s likely that they will have dealt with almost every conceivable overseas move and the issues that can arise in relation to them.

Does your removals firm, for example, have a high level of experience and expertise as far as arranging insurance for your move is concerned, which would enable them to get the best deal for you? Can the company that you have opted for also advise you on all of the other steps associated with moving overseas, including how to pack such items as books, climbing frames, china and glass? For more advice on various aspects of your move, you might want to consult our international FAQs.

While a great amount of experience is no guarantee a removals firm is going to be the best one for you, considering this factor alongside others – such as the considerable breadth of our own services and the clients that we have served down the years – can greatly help to narrow down your choice.

Call our team for free now, on 0800 515 930, to learn more about how Simpsons Removals could be that company.

Blog Post 08/06/2018

Things that you might not have considered when moving overseas

As understandable as it is to get excited and hyped-up about your impending move abroad, it’s also critical to ensure every detail of the move itself is just right. Otherwise, you could find yourself greatly inconvenienced or hit in the pocket, simply because you didn’t devote enough time to factors that could have easily been dealt with from the beginning.

Here are just some of the things that you may easily overlook if you are planning a move abroad.

How far in advance you should contact a removals firm

Moving overseas may be the most ambitious thing you ever do. This means there isn’t really such thing as giving too much advance notice to a removals company that you would like to make use of their services. As a guideline, you might begin researching removals specialists up to 12 months before your move, as you won’t want to be forced into hasty decisions due to having left everything until the last minute.

The shipping service that suits your needs best

There’s definitely no ‘one size fits all’ overseas removals service – after all, while some people may only need to transport a few items, others may have to get an entire home’s worth of possessions from one end of the globe to the other. Your requirements with regard to cost and timing may also be quite specific, so we would urge you to carefully familiarise yourself with the wide range of services out there, such as our own full container load and part container load services.

What will happen once your goods reach their destination

You might be wondering how a removals company like Simpsons Removals could possibly have a presence at every main port and airport around the world, and the technical truth is that we don’t. However, we do have nominated partners at all of these sites, having carefully selected them for the standard of service they provide. Such partners help to ensure your possessions pass through customs and quarantine where necessary, and arrive at your new home in good time.

Whether all of your items can actually be shipped

Not all items can be accepted by us for transportation abroad, and there are others that you may be advised against packing and shipping when moving overseas, given how these may affect the terms of your insurance policy. Liquids can be problematic, for example, due to the risk of them leaking in transit and causing damage to other items. The possessions that you pack should also respect the cultural norms of your destination country, which means you should not pack pornography or articles of simple nudity if you are relocating to a Muslim country.

The above is intended to give you just a taste of the various issues that can occur when you are moving overseas, and which you should give yourself plenty of time to think about in advance. Nonetheless, we can make this preparatory process easier for you when you choose our team here at Simpsons Removals as your international movers.

Blog Post 29/05/2018

The extra services that our overseas movers can provide

We may be living in an era in which it seems that everything we could possibly need is just a few clicks away, but that doesn’t mean moving your home or business to another country is equally straightforward. It’s only thanks to such renowned overseas movers as Simpsons Removals that such a process might feel relatively easy, as we accomplish in part by providing a vast wealth of acclaimed services.

So, what are the services that we offer right now – besides our renowned part container load and full container load services – that could help to ensure all of your goods reach their destination safely and in good time, with minimal stress for you?

Excess baggage and luggage

This is a service favoured by backpackers, students and travellers who are continually moving from one country to the next, and want to make sure their belongings can come with them for the trip. We ship by road, sea or air depending on the location, and can give you all of the other assistance you might need, in relation to such matters as how to pack and how to clear customs.

Home and business storage

With our own current premises enabling us to offer a storage capacity of more than 120,000 square feet, you won’t have any worries about keeping your possessions safe with us. That’s not least the case because we also fully insure all of your goods for as long as they are in our storage. We can even offer storage facilities at your destination if required, and both long-term and short-term contracts are available.


If you want to pack your own goods, we can supply you with all of the materials you need for the job, such as bubble wrap, packing tape, wrapping paper, void fill and more. However, we strongly recommend that you go further than that by considering our full professional export pack service. This offers the benefit of not just the finest possible protection for your belongings, but also a higher level of insurance cover.


On the subject of insurance, you should never doubt its importance, even when you are using the most trustworthy and careful overseas movers such as Simpsons Removals. The fact is that the right insurance will give you crucial peace of mind as your goods make their long and sensitive journey to their new home. Not only is our own comprehensive policy underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, but it also commences at the time of packing and lasts through to delivery at destination – and even for up to 30 days in storage afterwards. That cover can be extended still further if you wish.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to international removals, but it doesn’t have to be a hopelessly complicated or overwhelming process. Get in touch with the Simpsons Removals team today for the free no-obligation quote that will take into account all of your requirements.

Blog Post 11/05/2018

We can oversee even the smallest and largest international moves

Much fuss is made these days about how we live in a globalised world – but even the most seemingly modest and straightforward overseas move can still be overwhelming. You may not know where to start in terms of having everything packed and shipped to the location of your new home or business premises – so why should you entrust this task to Simpsons Removals?

The simple answer to that question is that we are among the most renowned international movers around. We’ve overseen so many big and small moves – around the UK, Europe and the wider world – since we were established in 1979.

To this day, we remain a family-owned and operated company. But much more importantly than that, we provide all of the services and assistance needed to ensure every international move we handle goes just right, from starting point to final destination.

We’ve thought of everything needed to make your life easier

We realise that it can be a very expensive endeavour to organise an overseas move, so you’ll want to be able to choose a removals service that suits the depth of your pockets. But on the other hand, we also serve many people who simply want to know for sure that their goods will reach their desired destination on a scheduled arrival, so that they can focus on other aspects of their relocation.

That’s why we give our clients a choice between full container load and part container load services. The former is the service for those who want it all, involving a dedicated sole use container, but the latter is also a highly rated option. That’s because, while its lead time to delivery is slightly longer, it is also more affordably priced than the full container load service.

Alternatively, it might be that your intended international move isn’t very ambitious at all, or isn’t even permanent – in which case, our specialised excess baggage and luggage services might be the best match to your needs. You might call upon these services if you are a backpacker, student or traveller, as they involve us helping to transport your belongings to their next destination.

All of the right extras are thrown in, too

We pay close attention to all of the finer points of your move, and to that end can also provide such services as packing, storage and insurance to ensure all of your goods arrive at their intended destination safely and in good time. It all means that you can focus more of your time and energies on the more exciting, rather than mundane aspects of your big overseas move.

It’s the least that you should expect from leading international movers like Simpsons Removals, and you can take advantage of it all now by completing and submitting our simple online quote form.

Blog Post 27/04/2018

Trust us to handle every detail of your move abroad

Moving overseas may be extremely exciting and give you much to look forward to in the next chapter of your life, but a lot of things can also go wrong if the removals process is not properly planned and overseen.

That’s certainly one reason why you won’t want to have to manage your big move entirely on your own – and when you choose Simpsons Removals, you’ll be in good company. Former Newcastle United manager Ruud Gullit, celebrity chef Gary Rhodes and comedian Harry Hill are just some of those who have made use of our services in the past.

But it’s not just our impeccable track record in all things home and business removals – across the UK, Europe and beyond – that will attract you to us when you’re moving overseas. That’s because we are also known for the remarkable attention to detail that we apply across everything we do.

An international moving service that is perfectly tailored to your needs

Almost any worldwide destination can be served by our complete removals service that we have been steadily developing since we were established in 1979. Regardless of which exact services of ours you use, you will benefit from the most professional, efficient and safe transportation of your goods.

Nonetheless, it does help to choose the right service for you – and both full container load and part container load deliveries are possible.

The first of those services enables you to ensure your possessions reach the destination exactly when you need them to, but if you are looking to reduce costs and can be more flexible about the delivery date, our part load or Groupage service is highly acclaimed.

Alternatively, if it’s only a few boxes or smaller items that you need to get from one place to another overseas, you may be best off choosing our excess baggage service. It’s an especially popular option with backpackers and students.

It couldn’t be easier to ask for a free quote

We can give you all manner of our service options to minimise your stress when moving overseas, including a full professional export pack of all or part of your shipment, as well as a period of storage if necessary. We also provide comprehensive marine transit insurance to cover your effects not just while they are on the move, but also for up to 30 days in storage at the destination.

Only a company that has been around for as long as Simpsons Removals has could offer all of these advantages and more to those moving overseas. We really do take great pride in offering the complete service, and it also takes little effort to request a free no-obligation quote from us.

Blog Post 13/04/2018

Overseas movers who can help with even the most demanding relocation

Even the most seemingly simple move can cause stress, and when that move is to another country, it can be a particularly delicate operation to get all of your possessions from your current residence to your new home. That’s why you’ll want to be able to turn to overseas movers who really do have an exceptional track record in all aspects of international removals – such as Simpsons Removals.

We were established in October 1979, and over the decades, have built an unparalleled reputation in both home and business removals across both the UK and the wider world. So, what are just some of the reasons why you should place your trust in our overseas movers?

We’ll provide the service that perfectly suits your needs

Any given overseas move can be drastically different from the next, and our ability to accommodate those varying needs is one of the biggest reasons to choose us.

It’s why we offer not only full container load, but also part container load services, the latter also known as a Groupage service and representing the perfect budget-friendly alternative for those who can be flexible about the delivery date at destination.

However, if it really is just a few boxes or smaller items that you need to send overseas, you’ve also got the option of our cost-effective excess baggage service.

There are various extras that you can take advantage of, too

Such is the comprehensiveness of the service offered by our overseas movers, that you don’t even need to pack your goods if you don’t wish to do so; we can provide a full professional export pack of all or part of your shipment. Even if you want to do your own packing, we can supply the necessary materials, such as bubble wrap, void fill and packing tape.

You’ll also be pleased to know that we can provide you with a comprehensive marine transit insurance policy for the period that your goods are on the move. It’s underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, and insures your possessions right through to delivery at destination.

Storage can be provided as part of your big move, too – not just at our own purpose-built containerised storage facilities within the UK, but also at other storage facilities at the destination.

However ambitious the overseas move that you have planned, our overseas movers here at Simpsons Removals can make it possible, taking the stress and worry out of the process at every stage. So, why hesitate to request a free, no-obligation quote from us today?

Blog Post 29/03/2018

5 things you might not have known about our international movers

We realise here at Simpsons Removals that the relocation of your home or business to another country is a massive undertaking, and that if you need to engage the services of overseas removals specialists such as our own, you will want to work with people who you can trust.

That’s why the following aspects of our international movers may be important to you.

We deliver to almost all international destinations

Simpsons Removals was established in October 1979, and since that time has built up almost unparalleled resources and global infrastructure, meaning we can safely and efficiently ship your goods to nearly any part of the world.

Both full container and part load services are available

Depending on such factors as how many items you need to move and the size of your budget, you may prefer us to use a dedicated sole use container for all of your goods, or instead give you a lower-priced part load delivery option. The latter naturally means a longer delivery time, but is well worth considering if you can be more flexible about when the shipment arrives at your destination.

You don’t even need to do your own packing

We can understand why you may wish to pack your own goods for delivery. After all, there may be some sentimental items involved that you especially wish to protect, or you may simply feel that you can save money by doing the packing yourself.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that our professional export packing service is provided by highly qualified staff possessing many years of handling and packing experience. Plus, it doesn’t just give you potentially much-improved protection for your household and personal effects, but also a higher level of insurance cover.

Robust and comprehensive insurance can be provided 

It’s rare for any accidents to happen to put your possessions at risk, but given the sheer size that your shipment is likely to be, and the associated considerable expense of replacement, it’s strongly recommended to have adequate marine transit insurance in place.

That’s why it’s well worth asking about the comprehensive policy that our own international movers can give you. It’s underwritten by Lloyd’s of London and is valid through to delivery at destination, as well as for up to 30 days in storage at origin or destination.

Your goods can also be stored by us

Our own purpose-built containerised storage facilities enable you to store possessions on both a short-term and long-term basis – for just a few weeks or even a couple of years, if you wish. Storage facilities can also be provided by our international movers at your destination.

Request a competitive quote for an international removal job from Simpsons Removals today, by filling in and submitting our online contact form or calling 0800 515 930. In the process, we will also be able to advise you about our wealth of related services such as packing and storage.

Blog Post 16/03/2018

How can we help you when you’re moving overseas?

You may have read a lot on our blog here at Simpsons Removals about what we can do to transport your precious belongings around Europe – but did you know that we are also truly international movers?

We can serve the vast majority of locations around the world – and given that we have been providing such services for more than 35 years now, you can expect nothing less than the utmost professionalism and efficiency when you turn to us.

Both full load and part load services are available

When you request a quote from our team in relation to moving overseas, one of the first things that you will need to consider is whether a full container load or part container load service represents the best match for your requirements.

Naturally, this depends largely on both your budget and just how many items you actually need to transport to your new home. Our part load service, for example, is also sometimes called a Groupage service, and is a more cost-effective alternative to a sole use container, although you’ll also need to be relatively flexible about the date when your goods are to be delivered.

If, however, it’s just a few small items that you need to send to an overseas destination, the best option from a cost point of view may be our excess baggage service. Thanks to our well-developed network of global partners, there’s almost nowhere that we can’t ship goods to, and we’ll even give you all of the materials you need to pack your possessions for their big trip.

We make the whole process as easy as possible

There’s a good reason why our services have been used even by many celebrities, ranging from football manager Ruud Gullit and TV chef Gary Rhodes to BBC journalist John Simpson and comedian Harry Hill: we simply offer a better service than almost any other company out there.

You might want to also take advantage of our extensive storage facilities, for instance, as well as the comprehensive insurance that we can provide for your shipment, underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

It also couldn’t be easier to request a free, no-obligation quote from us! Just click through now to complete and submit our straightforward online contact form. Whether you have only small packages or cartons to transport or instead an entire household’s worth of possessions, we are the only partners you’ll need to assist you when moving overseas.

Blog Post 02/03/2018

Take the stress out of your move to Norway

We’re sure you won’t need our team here at Simpsons Removals to give you many reminders of the various fine reasons to relocate to Norway – after all, this Scandinavian country has long been synonymous with a high quality of life.

Whether it’s the breathtaking natural scenery, affordable healthcare, booming economy or any of a number of other factors that made you fall in love with Norway, we have the removal expertise that will enable you to take the stress out of your big relocation.

What’s so special about our moving services to Norway?

As with our removal services to other parts of Europe, our moving services to Norway give you two basic pathways to choose from: a dedicated load or part load service.

If you want the ultimate service – the one that enables you to see your goods loaded safely and then travel to your Norway home in time to see them just as safely unloaded from the vehicle – it’s our dedicated load service that you will want.

This is the service that gives you the freedom to choose the exact date when you wish to have your possessions removed from your current premises, as well as a date for the arrival of your goods, subject to the usual confines of driving.

However, a part load service is also available. It’s suitable for movers who are looking to reduce their costs or who can simply be more flexible about when their possessions arrive at their new home. You can click through to learn more about how our European part load shipments work, but you can rest assured that this service brilliantly combines high quality with an economical price.

Call us and request your quote – then sit back and relax

There are many other elements of service that you can specify when you get in touch with the Simpsons Removals team about our moving services to Norway.

While, for example, our part load service automatically includes a period of storage for your consignment until we can schedule it into our delivery run, we can also incorporate the temporary storage of your goods into our dedicated load service, should this be necessary.

Both our dedicated load and part load service are also compatible with our packing service, if you so desire it. Removal insurance can also be provided by us to give you even greater peace of mind.

With all of that considered, all that’s left for you to do is to contact us for a competitive quote. You can do that by completing and submitting our straightforward online contact form or calling 0800 515 930.

Blog Post 15/02/2018

Your move to France will be so much easier with our complete removals service

Mention France to anyone, and they will be immediately brought to mind of all of the legendary aspects of this celebrated European country – the sophisticated gastronomic scene, the finest of fine art and, of course, the utter romance. Whatever your reasons for moving to France, it’s fair to say that a highly rewarding new chapter of your life awaits you.

However, we are also sure that you will want to spend as much of your time as possible enjoying the many cultural, heritage and culinary sights and sounds that make France the continental gem it is, rather than fussing over how you’ll get all of your belongings to your new abode.

That’s why, here at Simpsons Removals, we’ve put together a France removals service that really does cover everything.

What are your options when relocating to France with us?

As with our other transportation and packing services across Europe, the main decision that you will need to make when enlisting our assistance with your move to France will be whether to request our dedicated load or part load service.

When you want to choose exactly when your goods will be removed from your current home and delivered to your new property in France, it’s our dedicated load service that you will want. It’s the service that enables you to see your possessions being loaded, before you travel straight to your French home and arrive in time to watch our vehicle turn up at your door.

However, we also realise that you may be working to a tight budget or simply not see the point of spending as much money as our dedicated load service demands. You might also be relatively relaxed about the timescale for your goods’ arrival, or simply not have much to transport. These are all fine reasons to ask about our part load service, also known as a Groupage service.

We throw in all of the extras when you choose us

Our attention to detail has long helped to make our France removals service one of the most respected among those wishing to move from the UK. You may not have been aware, for instance, that we also provide insurance for your relocation to this ever-fascinating country, to give you even greater peace of mind.

Don’t forget, too, that we can offer a period of storage for your goods in line with your most specific requirements for your big move.

So, why not request a competitive quote today to ensure all of your goods are moved rapidly and safely to your new France home, at a price that makes sense for you?

Blog Post 01/02/2018

Take advantage of our acclaimed packing service for your move to Germany

We’re sure we won’t need to remind you why you’re making such a great decision in moving to Germany; there are simply few other countries in the world that are so historically fascinating and socially varied, as well as that offer such a high standard of living. But are you as prepared as you should be for your big relocation?

By making the most of our renowned packing service for Germany moves here at Simpsons Removals, you can ensure you spend more time discovering the wonders of this hugely rewarding part of Europe in which to live, and less time fretting about the mundane aspects of your move.

Perhaps you just need a few packing materials?

Not everyone wants to entrust a company to do all of their packing for them for such a critical move from the UK to Germany; indeed, you might just want to pick up all of the essential packing materials at reasonable prices, so that you can do the hard work yourself. Sure enough, you can purchase bubble wrap, small boxes, rolls of tape and other vital materials from us.

You can buy certain items individually from us when you are packing your goods for Germany, such as cartons, protective paper or plastic covers and consumables like polystyrene chipping and vinyl tape. Alternatively, you can help yourself to one of our three packing kits – Bronze, Silver or Gold – to ensure you have everything you need for a quick and no-nonsense packing process.

Or why not ask us for a little extra help?

Here at Simpsons Removals, we realise that moving to Germany can be an intimidating and overwhelming undertaking, and that you might therefore appreciate a bit of assistance from us with the actual packing process.

That’s why we are pleased to be able to offer a full export packing service, which entails our friendly removers carefully packing your belongings before transporting them to your new home. This service can even extend to the creation of bespoke crates and cases for any heirlooms, antiques, paintings or other possessions of yours that may be especially valuable or susceptible to damage.

Why fret about the finer details of getting your treasured belongings to your new abode, when you can instead enquire to Simpsons Removals about our highly rated packing service for Germany relocations? Simply complete and submit our online contact form or call our team on 0800 515 930.

Blog Post 19/01/2018

How do our part load removals to Switzerland work?

Switzerland is certainly a fascinating and rewarding country in which to live. This sophisticated and diverse nation is famed for its cosmopolitan and historic cities, interesting culture, railways, chocolate, cheese and watches. It also goes without saying that when you wish to move your possessions from the UK to your new Swiss home, you will want to use only the most reputable firm.

However, if you make Simpsons Removals your chosen partner, you will also have another big decision to make – whether to use our dedicated load or part load service.

A dedicated load service may not be right for you

Our dedicated load removals are for those who want to have it all in their chosen delivery service, and are happy to pay a little more to get it.

It’s the service to choose when you want to be able to watch your goods being loaded safely into the removals vehicle, before you travel directly to your new Switzerland home in time to see the vehicle arrive to unload.

It’s a brilliant service, but if you are on a tighter budget, can afford to be relaxed with regard to exactly when your goods arrive, or simply only have a small number of items to transport, our part load service suddenly begins to appear the more logical option.

What’s involved when you request a part load removal?

Our part load service isn’t completely different to our dedicated load one – a fixed date is still provided for the collection of your goods, while the removals process can also incorporate a period of storage.

However, a part load service from us does differ in certain key ways from a dedicated load removal, being priced lower and having a slightly longer lead time to delivery. Basically, once your consignment has been collected from your UK home, it will be stored at our premises until we can schedule it into a delivery run.

Our vehicles leave the UK every two to three weeks throughout the year, with each delivery run taking between five and 12 days, depending on such factors as the number of deliveries made and where consignments are being delivered. It isn’t only part load removals to Switzerland that we offer, with other common destinations including France, Austria, Germany, Scandinavia, Portugal and Spain.

With each of our delivery runs needing to be carefully planned to cover various locations, it’s important to be as flexible as possible about the delivery date if you choose our part load service. If you are unable to accept delivery as planned, it may take another two to three weeks for us to deliver the consignment.

Obtain your free, no-obligation quote today

Would you like to learn exactly how much you’ll pay for a dedicated load or part load removal service to Switzerland when you choose Simpsons Removals? If so, simply request a quote from our team now, in the knowledge that it is free to do so and you are not obliged to then use our service.

Nonetheless, we are confident that you will make Simpsons Removals your preferred professional movers when you are overseeing your move to Switzerland!

Blog Post 04/01/2018

Is your company moving premises at some point in 2018?

The New Year, so the saying traditionally goes, is a time of new beginnings. That’s sadly not the case for a great many of us – we’re sure that great numbers of you will have already delayed your plans to get fit until 2019, for example!

However, for others, 2018 really will be a year of big change. If, for instance, your company is looking to relocate this year, we can be your trustworthy partners.

How can we help you with your business relocation?

Relocating an entire business from one site to another certainly sounds like a massive operation, and it is. It’s not just a case of shoving a load of furniture, equipment and documents into the back of a van – a business relocation can be a very stressful and overwhelming process, so you’ll need to have the right people by your side.

Sure enough, here at Simpsons Removals, we provide no-nonsense, well-priced services for companies moving just a few miles, as well as those switching from one end of the UK to the other.

You may require a relatively modest office removal job, or you may be looking for a company that can oversee the most demanding IT, factory and laboratory removals, sensitively handling such specialised items as safes, machinery, plant and industrial equipment.

A seasoned and dependable removals company in Swanscombe

While there are many companies offering business relocation services like those above, there are a fair few reasons to make Simpsons Removals your first choice – not least the fact that we have been trusted commercial movers for more than 35 years now.

Having been established by Barry Simpson way back in October 1979, our company continues to be owned and operated by the Simpson family today. But we haven’t achieved that by living in the past – instead, we’ve continually listened to our clients and invested in our site and fleet. We bought our present extensive warehouse facility in 2001, for instance, and now operate 20 removal vehicles, ranging from a transit van to 18-tonne HGV lorries.

Our storage capacity, meanwhile, now exceeds 100,000 square feet, which enables us to offer commercial storage services that simply can’t be matched by any other removals company in Swanscombe. It’s just one more aspect of our company that could help to take so much of the stress out of your own firm’s big relocation in 2018.

Why look any further for commercial removal services than Simpsons Removals, which is also a registered member of the British Association of Removers (BAR)? Simply call our team now, on 0800 515 930, to request your free quote.

Blog Post 20/12/2017

Follow these tips to ensure you settle well in Vienna

International movers to Austria have long been especially drawn to the country’s capital and largest city, Vienna – and why shouldn’t they be? After all, with its fine music, baroque landmarks and high quality of life, it is one of the world’s most cultured and sophisticated cities.

However, Vienna’s highly cosmopolitan nature can also make you complacent about how much you need to do to adapt to life in the city – in which case, the below advice should help you out.

Make an effort to mix with the locals

While there are various clubs and Facebook groups dedicated to basically every category of expat you could imagine, we wouldn’t advise you to luxuriate in them for too long.

The truth is that Vienna is most rewarding when you ‘get out there’ and mix with people of a different background, language or culture to you.

Embrace all things opera

Vienna is internationally renowned as the ‘City of Music’, graced down the generations by such luminaries as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Gustav Mahler, Ludwig van Beethoven and Joseph Haydn. We’re sure you knew all of this before you moved here, so what’s the point of deliberately trying to avoid the opera?

Don’t presume that getting dressed to the nines and taking one’s place in a box behind opera glasses is an activity that only the rich can enjoy here. Indeed, almost every Vienna opera venue offers what are known as Restkarten – ‘day-of tickets’ – for between €10 and €20, while standing room may set you back as little as €3.

Definitely enrol on that German course

Most Vienna residents are fluent English speakers. However, if you really want to get into the soul of the place – and widen your social circle in the process – we would urge you to get to grips with some German, as can be done through a formal course of study.

Just bear in mind that there are differences between Viennese German – or Wienerisch – and Standard German in terms of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, although we’re sure you’ll learn those on the street.

Buy a bike for cheap and stress-free transport

Vienna’s relative flatness lends itself well to cycling, and sure enough, the city’s affinity for bikes is shown by the network of bike lanes that spreads its tentacles pretty much everywhere.

A bike is therefore a straightforward way to get around. But if it doesn’t appeal for any reason, don’t worry – invest in a Jahreskarte or year-long ticket for the city’s public transport, and you will be able to take advantage of well-connected buses, trams and subways for as little as €1 a day.

There isn’t any city in Europe quite like Vienna, so you’d be well justified in getting extremely excited about your move there.

So to take as much stress as possible out of the process, why not join the many other international movers to Austria who have made the most of our dedicated load or part load service here at Simpsons Removals? We would be delighted to give you a free, no-obligation quote today.

Blog Post 07/12/2017

5 things that make life in Luxembourg so special

Of all of the parts of the world to which a Briton might conceivably move, Luxembourg may be far from the most obvious.

Indeed, you may know little about the landlocked west European country, other than its tax breaks for big companies and status as one of the world’s smallest nations in terms of both population and size – 998 square miles and about 590,000 people respectively.

Given our love for this often-overlooked and occasionally misunderstood part of the world – we are, after all, providers of a renowned Luxembourg removals service – we thought we would outline five aspects of the country that make the experience of living here quite unlike that of any other nation.

  1. It’s extremely cosmopolitan

Luxembourg very much defines ‘multicultural’. If you work in the private sector here, it’s unlikely that you’ll meet too many Luxembourgers in your office – not with such languages as German, French, English and Luxembourgish itself all being spoken here.

  1. It’s a centre of European power

For such a small nation, Luxembourg seems to have ample space for so many of the EU’s key institutions, ranging from the European Court of Justice, European Court of Auditors and European Investment Bank to the European Stability Mechanism, European Investment Fund and Secretariat of the European Parliament.

  1. It’s got a rich food culture

If you’re partly seeking to move to mainland Europe so that you can enjoy a more sophisticated gastronomic scene than dear old Blighty is ever likely to have, Luxembourg is an excellent choice of destination. Eating and drinking are such central elements of the local culture that the capital – Luxembourg City – is home to more Michelin restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the world.

  1. It’s a great base for exploration

Luxembourg’s modest land area and borders with Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east and France to the south help to make it a fine place from which to make quick and low-cost trips to other areas of the European mainland. Indeed, two airports either side of Luxembourg – Charleroi in Belgium and Frankfurt Hahn in Germany – are just two hours apart from each other.

  1. It’s got a wonderfully varied capital

It’s hard to see Luxembourg City winning any prizes for the originality of its name, but there’s no question that the country’s capital is a captivating sight, representing a seemingly perfect mix of the old and new, the natural and manmade. With its medieval streets, greenery, glass skyscrapers and assortment of fine bars, restaurants, museums and galleries, the city embodies a certain refined and sophisticated variety.

When you are seeking a comprehensive, efficient and stress-free Luxembourg removals service, what’s the point of considering any company other than Simpsons Removals? It couldn’t be easier to request your free no-obligation quote from us, in relation to our highly-rated dedicated load or part-load services.

Blog Post 23/11/2017

What are the best parts of Spain for British expats?

The sun, the sea, the sand, the stunning cultural diversity – there are so many reasons to get excited about moving to Spain. Here at Simpsons Removals, we serve many Brits who are coordinating a move to the country, with our acclaimed international removals from the UK to Spain helping to take so much of the stress out of their transition to a new and largely unfamiliar country.

However, the very fact that Spain varies so drastically from one town, city or region to the next makes it important for you to ensure you’re moving to an area of the country that suits you. So, here’s our best advice if you are yet to decide on where you will live.

Do you want a ‘home from home’, or to ‘live like the Spanish’?

The first big decision that you will need to make when contemplating the best Spanish location for you will be whether you want to live in one of the expat-heavy areas where you will meet plenty of Brits, or instead head to somewhere reminiscent of a more traditional and ‘authentic’ Spain.

If you do want that reassuring ‘British home from home’ feel, you’ve got a lot of choice along the busy coasts of the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, as well as – to a lesser extent – the likes of the Costa Brava, Costa Almeria and Murcia.

Another school of thought, though, is that if you are moving to Spain, you will surely want a taste of a truly Spanish way of life. That generally means heading slightly inland, where Britons can be a rare sight and you will need to speak Spanish. But don’t worry – the locals are known for their patience and appreciation for those trying to learn their language.

Extremadura is one great example of such an ‘undiscovered’ part of the country. But it’s also possible to find areas that balance many of the best things about both the traditional and ‘touristic’ Spain – such as the Jalon Valley on the Costa Blanca, where the coast is just 20-30 minutes away.

What about the islands or the cities?

Popular Balearic and Canary islands like Ibiza, Mallorca and Gran Canaria are lovely places to live in theory, but what about the potential tourist overcrowding at the height of summer? It’s easy to feel enclosed on an island, especially when it’s not easy to escape to somewhere else.

As for the cities, it’s worth bearing in mind that few Spanish cities have the feel of a heaving and stimulating metropolis that so many British cities do. So if it’s the fast-paced ‘city life’ that you crave, we’d suggest that you stick to the obvious two – Madrid or Barcelona. Valencia is the country’s third biggest city, but feels like a small town compared to the aforementioned two.

Request an efficient and dependable removals service

The above words should give you plenty of think about if you haven’t yet settled on a place to live in Spain. Wherever you choose to move, though, we would urge you to work alongside a reputable removals specialist to ease the process of getting all of your possessions to your home.

It is precisely this that leads so many Britons to choose Simpsons Removals on account of our hard-won know-how and experience in international removals from the UK to Spain. So why not request an affordable quote from us today, absolutely free of charge?

Blog Post 09/11/2017

Don’t make these mistakes as a newcomer to Italy

Quite frankly, here at Simpsons Removals, we consider anyone in need of an Italy removals service from the UK to be very lucky indeed – there are simply few countries on planet Earth that are so rewarding for residents.

It’s fair to say that Italy is associated with a certain level of sophistication that you just don’t get here in the UK – outside the most exclusive social circles, anyway!

This can pose a few problems to those who haven’t adequately prepared for the cultural change that the country represents, so you should make sure you don’t fall into any of the traps outlined below.

Thinking the Lothario thing is ‘just an image’

A warning to women moving to Italy – the Italian male’s legendary attentiveness towards the opposite sex is far from just a figment of the movies or a long-gone past. As a foreign woman in particular, you may be subject to more than a few cat-like noises, whistles and inventive compliments.

Such behaviour is generally harmless, but if you get tired of trying to ignore the unwanted attention, telling your overeager suitors that you’re waiting for a ‘fidanzato’ (boyfriend) or ‘marito’ (husband) should be enough to ward them off.

Heading outside wearing ‘just any old thing’

You may be used to being able to nip out in some jogging bottoms and a grubby T-shirt in the UK, but don’t even dare do that in Italy – even if you really are just popping out in the car to fill up with petrol.

That means you really do need to take the extra time to shave, brush your hair and get dressed properly. In short, you have to be immaculate, which is another element of the Italian stereotype that is definitely real.

Having your washing machine on at night

The average Italian typically lives in a block of flats, and if you’re doing so as an expat, you may not be aware of the actual laws that dictate the times of day when you can make noise and switch on your washing machine.

The exact rules will depend on the building you’re living in, but if you want to play it safe and avoid upsetting any neighbours, we’d advise you to have all of your laundry done by 10pm.

Not kissing when you should… or kissing when you shouldn’t

Kissing is definitely a big part of the culture in Italy, but the way that culture varies across the country can make the matter of when and when not to kiss something of a nightmare for foreigners.

So, let’s establish a few rules of thumb: kissing is informal, so never kiss your boss, waiter or bank manager. Also bear in mind the very real regional differences. While, in most areas of the country, men and women can – but don’t always – kiss each other on the cheek as a hello and goodbye, in the centre-north, men don’t kiss men.

However, men in many areas of the south, particularly Sicily, do give each other a kiss on both cheeks when they greet each other. When you’re with friends, it’s best to follow the other person’s lead, but you can be assured that physical affection, including between men, is very natural in Italy.

Would you like to minimise the stress of your move to Italy? Of course you would – that’s why we take such great pride here at Simpsons Removals in offering the complete Italy removals service. Simply contact our team now for a free, no-obligation quote.

Blog Post 26/10/2017

5 Dutch art galleries that you just can’t miss

Life in the Netherlands is fascinating and ever-stimulating, and there’s so much more to the culture of this corner of Europe than clogs, tulips and bicycles.

The country is, of course, especially strongly associated with the art world, having produced such legendary painters as Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt, while continuing to enjoy a thriving current art scene.

So, for a whistle-stop introduction to Dutch art once you have taken advantage of our Netherlands removals service, what are some of the galleries that we would most urge you to visit?

  1. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

If you want to learn more about the story of modern art from the 20th century onwards, you would struggle to choose a better starting point than the Stedelijk, which was established in 1895 and has a formidable collection including works by such celebrated artists as van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock, Henri Matisse and Andy Warhol.

You’ll find it at Amsterdam’s Museum Square, or Museumplein.

  1. Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art

Those who like their modern art galleries to have a slightly more… academic vibe are likely to be big fans of this institution in Rotterdam. It was founded in 1990, and continues to offer an intriguing range of curated exhibitions, live events, symposia and educational programs.

  1. Rijksmuseum

In case you’re looking through this list so far and thinking, “but I’ve never heard of these places…”, no worries – this one’s a familiar tourist favourite.

We’re heading back to Museum Square for this national institution dedicated to the arts and history, where you can see about 8,000 objects on display at any one time – including Rembrandt’s celebrated painting, The Night Watch, as well as masterpieces by the likes of Johannes Vermeer and Frans Hals.

  1. Frans Hals Museum

On the subject of Hals – the Dutch Golden Age portrait painter – you’ll find a municipal museum in his name in Haarlem.

However, the institution’s collection of more than just 750 pieces isn’t just about Hals, with other prominent artists from down the ages to be represented here ranging from Jan van Scorel and Frans’ younger brother Dirck Hals, to Jacob van Ruisdael and Gerrit Adriaenszoon Berckheyde.

  1. Kuntshal

Opening its doors in 1992 – meaning this year is its 25th anniversary – the Kuntshal can be found in Rotterdam’s Museumpark and doesn’t have any permanent collection at all, instead hosting various temporary exhibitions of works sourced from elsewhere.

Artists to have been featured in past shows here include Andy Warhol, Chuck Close, Arne Quinze and many others.

Would you like to ensure that your move to this exciting part of the world goes as smoothly as possible? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Simpsons Removals about our Netherlands removals service that really does cover all of your most urgent requirements – and for which it couldn’t be easier to request a free quote.

Blog Post 12/10/2017

5 reasons to choose our moving services to Norway

Norway is certainly an astonishing and varied country, so it’s no great shock to us here at Simpsons Removals that so many people wish to move there – and make use of our acclaimed removals service to the country as well.

But what exactly makes us such an appealing option when you are in need of moving services to Norway? Here’s your ‘starter for five’…

  1. Our dedicated load service gives you maximum freedom

We appreciate that you will be anxious to ensure your goods are loaded safely for their journey, but also that the drive to Norway from the UK can be an arduous and long one.

So, don’t run the risk of not getting to your new home in Norway in time to see your goods arrive. Instead, pick our dedicated load service that enables you to specify an exact departure date for your possessions, as well as a precise date for them to be delivered to your new abode.

  1. We can also store your goods if needed

Both delivery and storage services have long been central to what we offer here at Simpsons Removals.

Our storage capacity now exceeds 100,000 square feet, so you can be assured that we’ll have room for your goods between their departure from your previous home and their arrival at your new one, if necessary.

  1. Small loads can also be cost-effectively handled

We get it – you may be on a strict budget for your Norway move, and you may have decided on other arrangements for the transportation of some of your goods. Alternatively, you might simply not have that much you wish to bring with you to your new overseas home.

Whatever the situation, our part load service can help you out at a price that makes sense for you, while still giving you the benefit of a fixed-date collection of your goods.

  1. You’re insured, too 

Yes, that’s right – we can also insure your goods to give you even greater peace of mind when you’re overseeing such a big move. Take a look now at the finer details of the policy that you can benefit from via Simpsons Removals.

  1. It’s free to request a quote from us

Not only is it completely free to ask for a quote from us, but there is also no obligation for you to then take advantage of our moving services to Norway if you do not wish to do so. Simply click through now to make your request, or call our team on 0800 515 930.

Blog Post 28/09/2017

5 things that those moving to London need to know

We have long taken great pride here at Simpsons Removals in helping people to make their dreams come true, removing at least one worry from the often extremely complicated process of moving from one place to the next.

We are, in fact, the complete European removal company, so it may not shock you to learn that we have helped many individuals and businesses to relocate to the ‘big smoke’ itself – London.

However, the British capital is also an exceptional place. Here are five things that many people don’t realise about London, often until the very moment they arrive in this incredible and bustling city.

  1. It’s really important to arrange somewhere to stay when you first arrive

It can take a longer time than you think to find a decent room or flat, and staying in a hotel throughout that period can burn through your savings, so we would suggest that you instead stay with a generous friend in the city if you can.

  1. If you’re solo, you’ll need to decide between flat sharing or living alone 

While the solo dream in such a vast and stimulating city as London can be extremely exciting, the likelihood is that you may be forced to flat share for financial reasons. In any case, you may prefer doing so, given the obvious opportunity that it gives you to meet new people.

  1. Great flats often disappear in a flash 

If you’re used to living in a part of the UK where flats can remain empty for months after a tenant has moved out, you can probably safely shorten that interim period to hours when it comes to comparable accommodation in London.

You need to ensure that the flat you’re viewing meets your practical and budgetary requirements. But once you have, we’d suggest that you ‘go for it’ to avoid searching forever.

  1. There’s no need to pay exorbitant costs for attractions

At a time when you might be struggling along on a restricted budget, it makes little sense to act like a deep-pocketed tourist – and nor do you need to do so.

London offers a wealth of free or very inexpensive attractions, including world-leading galleries, museums and festivals – from Tate Modern and the National Gallery to the British Museum and Notting Hill Carnival.

  1. The city’s more spread-out than you might realise

It’s easy to picture London as being packed and concentrated, and it is – but if you’re living in zone 1 and someone invites you to a house party in zone 3, don’t expect to get there in a jiffy.

It can sometimes seem like it takes at least 45 minutes to get anywhere in the capital, which can be surprisingly spread-out, so you will need to plan your journeys carefully.

When you require the services of a European removal company that you can trust to make your big relocation a (relative) breeze, why place that trust in any company other than Simpsons Removals?

We’ve been building up quite the reputation across the UK and the continent for more than 35 years, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a quote.

Blog Post 14/09/2017

A genuinely trustworthy business storage service in Chesterfield

With its varied and interesting economy and strong transport connections, it’s hardly a surprise that so many businesses choose to base themselves in Chesterfield. Alternatively, you may be using those same transport connections – which include the A61 road, a mere six miles or 9.7 kilometres from the A1 – to move your business away from the area, but would nonetheless appreciate the services of a reputable local removals and storage company.

Here at Simpsons Removals & Storage Ltd, we’ve talked many times before on this blog about the aspects of our service that make us such a great choice for home and business removals in London and the Home Counties. But why should you also turn to us when you require a dependable commercial storage service in Chesterfield?

We can help to make your business’s transition easier

The relocation of your business to new premises can be such a stressful and difficult undertaking, especially when you’re doing everything possible to minimise any disruption to your day-to-day activities. You may have moved out of your old office and be in the process of moving to a new one, but in the meantime, there may be so many sensitive and important documents, furniture and other possessions that could otherwise easily be lost.

That’s why we’re delighted here at Simpsons Removals to be able to offer access to the secure storage containers that you may need as a business moving to, from or around Chesterfield. It may be that you need a temporary place to store all of your company’s effects, or there may just be some excess stock that you can’t quite fit anywhere else. Whatever the situation for your firm, we can give you the benefit of a cost-effective and practical solution.

It’s just one part of our complete commercial service

Here at Simpsons Removals, we can lend you all of the specialist expertise required to ensure that your business relocation goes without a hitch, encompassing the finest points of project management, planning and space allocation.

Alternatively, of course, you may simply wish to use our highly secure and commodious storage units – each offering about 250 cubic feet of space – in either the short or long term, while also enjoying the peace of mind that comes from having all of your goods fully insured for the entirety of their stay with us.

How could you possibly even consider another option when you are in the market for a business storage service in Chesterfield? Give us a call on 0800 515 930 now, or complete and submit our straightforward online form, and we will soon be in touch with you to discuss how we can best address your needs.

Blog Post 31/08/2017

Why set up residence in France? Here are some great reasons

For many British people, France has an undoubtedly romantic allure, helped by its reputation for amazing historical landmarks, beautiful beaches and succulent food. No wonder so many of us choose to holiday there! It’s a great place in which to live permanently, too, for the reasons detailed below.

There are plenty of opportunities to learn about history

Plenty of France’s historical sites barely need introduction; think of the Louvre Museum, where the Mona Lisa is on display, and the Arc de Triomphe, which Napoleon commissioned in 1806.

However, you could still underestimate the choice of museums to visit in the Gallic country. Each significant city has several; there are 18 city museums in Lyon alone.

Food that is both peculiar and amazing

Baguettes seem to be one of the strongest Gallic stereotypes – and it’s an image that holds true, as France might be the only country where nibbling at a baguette in a public place wouldn’t provoke curious glances. In fact, French bakeries in general offer an awesome amount of choice.

The country is also a great place to regularly tuck into crepes, which you could routinely fill with that gorgeous chocolate spread, Nutella, without anyone batting an eyelid.

Work arrangements are favourable

As a resident of France, you would be legally required to work just 35 hours a week; any work on top of this would be deemed overtime work and bring additional payment.

Furthermore, for every year that you are in work, you would be entitled to five weeks’ paid time off – not including the 13 bank holidays.

Transport can be surprisingly inexpensive

Whether you are journeying to work or one of the further-flung parts of the country, intercity transport could cost you much less than you initially expect – provided that you choose relatively slow trains. This can be a real plus, given how much there is to do in France.

We could yet launch into much greater detail about the many reasons why France may be a fine place for you to call home. We can even provide a storage service from Chesterfield, or Swanscombe near London where we have bases. The availability of this service extends right across the UK, which allows for an easier, more efficient and less stressful move to France.

Blog Post 18/08/2017

5 great reasons to move to Chesterfield

Here at Simpsons Removals, we are an unashamedly local, national and international removals company – a firm that you can trust with the packing, collection, storage and delivery of your possessions from one village to another, as well as across continents. But what of the town close to our depot that is especially close to our hearts – Chesterfield?

The Derbyshire market town may just be the ideal place for you to set up home next – and here’s why.

  1. It’s fascinatingly historic

Chesterfield can trace its history back to the 1st century AD, and received its market charter in 1204 – indeed, the market itself survives to the present day, taking place three times a week. You will also find no shortage of intriguing historic architectural gems in modern-day Chesterfield, including the Church of St Mary and All Saints, with its iconic ‘crooked spire’.

  1. It’s an epicentre for the arts

Is Chesterfield really an artistic centre? You had better believe it – it’s home to two Grade II-listed theatres, for example, namely the Pomegranate Theatre that seats 546 people and dates back to Victorian times, and the Winding Wheel, which was built as a cinema in the 1920s. Both venues offer an inspiring events programme encompassing the finest musicals, concerts, drama, comedy and more.

  1. It’s got strong transport links

You won’t feel isolated from the wider world in Chesterfield, thanks to such extensive transport connections as the A61 road that runs through the town and the M1 just six miles, or 9.7 kilometres away, as well as Chesterfield railway station, which is located on the Midland Main Line. Local and national services are provided from the latter to the likes of Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

  1. It gives you plenty of educational opportunities

You’ll find a wealth of well-regarded educational institutions in Chesterfield, ranging from Hasland Hall Community School and Brookfield Community School to St Mary’s Roman Catholic High School and the Further Education college, Chesterfield College. The latter offers courses in such fields as art and design, business, hospitality, health and social care and travel and tourism.

  1. It’s a great place to get fit

Chesterfield also hosts a wealth of sporting venues and institutions. They include Chesterfield F.C., which plays in EFL League Two as of the 2017/18 season, and Chesterfield Swimming Club, which is North Derbyshire’s largest competitive swimming club. Queen’s Park Sports Centre, meanwhile, has a wealth of health and fitness facilities including an 80-station gym, eight-lane swimming pool, eight-court sports hall and so much more.

As you can see, Chesterfield has rather more to it than a mere quirky spire! Furthermore, when you are seeking to move there, we really don’t think you could do better than our highly rated removals company in Chesterfield. Why not contact us now to learn how we could make your next big move so much more convenient?

Blog Post 03/08/2017

Is Brexit the right time to make your move to Europe?

The UK’s impending departure from the European Union (EU) isn’t just the topic currently on everyone’s lips – it’s been that way for the past year, since the electorate’s collective decision that we should leave the bloc.

It’s therefore not exactly a shock that many of us will be carefully digesting what the result of the vote means for us, including whether we wish to leave the UK altogether.

Much uncertainty continues to prevail

Before you get straight on the phone to a European removal company like ourselves, it’s vital to emphasize that despite the now-infamous Article 50 having been triggered a few months ago now, there’s still almost as much uncertainty about what Brexit truly ‘means’ as there was the day after the 2016 referendum.

We do know that negotiations between the UK and the EU’s respective teams are finally beginning in earnest, but we don’t even know – for example – what impact Brexit will ultimately have on Britons going to Europe on holiday, let alone the more complicated matter of those who move to the continent permanently.

At the moment, British people are free to live and work in other EU countries without a visa, pretty much as if they were a born-and-bred local. But once the UK officially leaves the bloc in what is expected to be March 2019, they may well lose this automatic right and be subject to more restrictive rules with regard to permits and setting up businesses.

If you’ve been dreaming of a European move for a while, you should also bear in mind that you may not have the same rights to healthcare and other benefits post-Brexit that you would do if you make your move before the UK’s official exit from the EU.

We can help to take some of the unknowns out of the process

Of course, some of you reading this will likely be planning to move specifically, or at least partly as a result of Brexit, whereas others among you may have been wishing to head to pastures new in mainland Europe regardless, in which case, the referendum result may have had little or no effect on your plans.

Whatever – it’s only natural that you will want to take as much uncertainty out of the process of moving home as possible, which is precisely why you may choose Simpsons Removals as your European removal company.

We are a UK-based removals company with a history dating back to 1979, but which is highly experienced in overseeing removals across Europe. Ask us today for a free, no-obligation quote for the service that will suit your needs best when you are looking to realise your dream of a move to the ‘old continent’.

Blog Post 19/07/2017

Why look anywhere else when you require a removals & storage service in Chesterfield?

There are many things that could be said about the market town of Chesterfield, ranging from its distinguished, but sadly long-gone coal mining history to landmarks like the “crooked spire” of the Church of St Mary and All Saints. One observation that can definitely be made about the town is that its inhabitants are constantly busy and have pressing requirements for the most reliable removals and storage services.

Why do we say that? Well, because we have long served many such people here at Simpsons Removals! Whether you are a private individual or business, as well as whether you require our services temporarily or on a long-term basis, we can cater to everything that you could conceivably need from a removals & storage service in Chesterfield.

What makes us a stand out removals and storage company?

First of all, if it is merely storage that you require, the full storage facilities at our modern warehouse should serve you just nicely. Our Chesterfield depot is located just two miles from junction 29 of the M1, so it’s easy to reach us and your goods from not only Chesterfield, but also basically anywhere else in the Midlands or northern England.

However, if you also need your goods to be transported to all manner of locations throughout the UK, Europe or the world, we can again be of assistance. Simpsons Removals is an audited and approved member of the British Association of Removers, so we provide a removals service of the highest standard of professionalism and reliability.

You might be overseeing a UK, European or international home move, or it may be that your business is moving to a new office and requires help from recognised approved commercial movers. Whatever the situation, we’ll ensure that your goods are transported safely and securely to the new location – and if you have any queries, we’re always available to talk to in Chesterfield.

Request a competitive quote today

Whether it is the complete removals & storage service in Chesterfield that you require or just one of these services, and whether you are moving just a few miles or thousands of miles, Simpsons Removals is a name that you can trust.

Call us today, on 0800 515 117, to learn more about our services geared towards the requirements of Chesterfield residents.

Blog Post 06/07/2017

When you’re struggling for home storage solutions, turn to us

Life is unpredictable, and you can never be entirely sure when you may need a bit more storage space than is available in your own home or any other property to which you have access.

You may be moving house, or from your parent’s home to university residences. You might have just left a relationship and need somewhere to keep items that may have previously been kept in a partner’s house, or you may be set to leave the country for a while and wish to be sure that your treasured items will be safe.

Whatever the situation, here at Simpsons Removals, we’re confident that we’re the only company to which you will need to turn not only for home storage solutions, but also for the re-delivery of your items to wherever you wish them to be stored once you no longer need our secure and contained storage space.

What makes our home storage solutions the best around?

First of all, there’s simply the fact that we can offer a greater amount of warehouse storage space than almost any other provider – more than 120,000 square feet, in fact.

With about 250 cubic feet (seven cubic metres) available in each of our storage units, and all goods fully insured for as long as we store them, you will have no need to worry, whether you are storing your possessions for a week or a year.

Then, there’s the sheer ease of use of our service. All that you need to do at first is fill in and submit our simple online contact form requesting such details as your name, contact address, email address and telephone number, as well as information about your belongings and for how long you intend to store them with us.

We’ll then get back to you with a competitive quote. If you give your approval, we will even be able to arrange to collect your belongings from you – it really is a complete service that we provide.

Why spend much longer comparing home storage solutions providers, when our own services here at Simpsons Removals cover all of the bases? Simply get in touch with our team now to discuss the finer details of your requirements when you need to store your valued possessions safely and securely, and with the minimum of fuss.

Blog Post 22/06/2017

What do you need to bear in mind when moving furniture overseas?

Moving abroad is one of those things that generally sounds extremely exciting to many of us – at least until the time to actually move arrives, when we discover just how stressful it can be as well.

While we can’t cover all of the things that you could possibly forget about when moving furniture overseas within a single short blog post, the below are some of the ‘big ones’.

Sometimes, it’s best to just buy new

Switching your residence to an entirely new country is surely as obvious a chance as you can get to ‘wipe the slate clean’ and start afresh. Is it necessarily wise to bring along those cheap, heavily scratched bedside cabinets or the chest of drawers that literally falls apart whenever you use it?

You need to be ruthless here, as the money you could save leaving behind those things you don’t really need or want could leave you enough to buy them new when you arrive in your new country, making for a less stressful experience during the packing process .

Don’t move everything if your relocation is temporary

Many people move overseas knowing full well that they may only be in that country for a few months or a year before heading home. If that’s the case for you, does it make much financial or practical sense to bring literally everything?

This is where you should weigh up the respective costs of transporting versus storing some of your furniture back home. It may be that you expect to spend some time in temporary accommodation when you first arrive in your new country, thereby making the storage of some of the larger pieces of furniture a ‘no brainer’ while you look for more permanent living quarters.

Simpsons provide medium to long term storage solutions at affordable prices.

Packing can be much more arduous than you think

Packing your furniture items for a major move is about so much more than simply wrapping everything up and putting some of the smaller pieces in boxes. Export packing and wrapping of your goods by removal experts is always recommended.

Have you, for example, asked your remover to measure all of your furniture beforehand so that you know the volume of your move is likely to be?

Simpsons will export pack and wrap, label each box and furniture item, and provide you with a detailed inventory so that you’re aware of what it contains.

Would you like to lower much of the stress associated with moving furniture overseas? In that case, you really need to get in touch with Simpson Removals. Call us on 0800 515 930 now for a quote.

Blog Post 12/06/2017

Don’t forget these 3 things when moving house

As your friendly home moving services provider, here at Simpsons Removals, we would hate for you to forget to do any of the things you need to do when you are packing up and getting ready to call a new place home.

The below list is not an exhaustive one, but nonetheless covers three of the things that those moving home most frequently forget.

  1. Letting people know you’re moving

You might be surprised by the number of people who end up walking into a house that they thought was still occupied by a close friend or family member of theirs, only to be greeted by a stranger – all because the former occupant didn’t even let them know they were leaving.

Even if there’s no chance of the above happening, it is still important to notify your bank, utility providers, doctor, creditors and employer of your new address, so that the next occupant of the property doesn’t need to keep forwarding letters to you long after you’re gone.

  1.  Taking final meter readings

It’s an unglamorous task, but it’s nonetheless vital to take water, gas and electricity meter readings at your property and let your suppliers know prior to the move.

This is easier to do than you might think – utility companies tend to have ‘change of address’ forms on their websites, or at least make it easy for you to call and email them with the essential details.

It’s normally possible to move into a new property with the gas and electricity companies that you’re already signed up with – in which case, you just need to let them know and they will arrange the switch.

  1. Applying for a parking permit

One other frequently overlooked must-do among homeowners who also have a car is to check whether they are moving to a residents-only parking area, and if so, apply for a parking permit prior to the move, so that they can park legally outside the property as soon as they arrive.

You will need to request a parking permit from your local council, or if it is a private residential parking scheme, directly through the company that runs it.

Remember that here at Simpsons, we are dedicated to taking the stress out of your home move so that you can quickly turn your focus to enjoying life in your new home. Request your free removals quote from us today, or give us a call to ask any questions that you may have about our service.