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BAR Overseas Group

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Guaranteed peace of mind for your overseas removal

The BAR Overseas Group is a specialist section of the British Association of Removers whose members are expert in all areas of overseas removals. Less than 60 companies in the UK meet the stringent memberhip criteria and exacting standards required of its mambers.

Why choose a BAR Overseas Group member?

  • Simpsons have the knowledge, experience and International contacts to guide you through every stage of your move.
  • The ocean freight charges will be prepaid to the shipping line by Simpsons and your advance payment of our charges for your removal makes it possible for us to provide you with the Advance Payment Guarantee.
  • Our overseas clients enjoy the added benefit of the Advance Payment Guarantee which guarantees your goods will be delivered to the destination address even if the remover ceases trading whilst the shipment is in transit.
  • Simpsons are inspected and audited annually by the BAR and QSS in order to maintain our overseas group membership.

If you would like to carry out an independent check of our credentials why not visit or, or just give them a call.