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Handy List of Removal Documents for your house move

Simpsons UK and European Removals Simpsons UK and European Removals Simpsons UK and European Removals

Whether you are planning to move house in the UK, Europe, or relocate overseas, we are here to help you. Please find below a list of documents which relate to all aspects of your removal. From our general terms and conditions, insurance disclosures, shipping instructions to company brochures, all of our forms can be easily downloaded onto your PC/laptop. These forms, alongside our experienced teams, are guaranteed to help make your removals experience simple and easy when you move home.

Simpsons-Terms and conditions
BAR Code of Practice
BAR Advanced Payment Guarantee
Client Shipping Instructions
Customs Inventory
Customs Inventory and Proforma Invoice NON-EU
Delivery instructions for UK Import shipments
Delivery instructions for European Import shipments
Delivery instructions for European shipments
Insurance European Proposal Form
Insurance Excess Baggage Proposal Form
Insurance Marine Proposal Form
Insurance (Marine) Prospectus and terms
Insurance terms for Domestic & European Removals and Storage
Insurance terms for Excess Baggage shipments
Insurance waiver
SIMPSONS Business Relocations Brochure
What happens next?


Customs forms and related documents

Australia Customs B534
New Zealand Customs Form
New Zealand Customs Supplementary Declaration
New Zealand What you need to know
Norway Customs Form
Norway Customs Info
Singapore Customs Form
Swiss Customs Form
Swiss Customs form completion guide
Swiss Customs clearance procedure
UK Customs Procedure
UK Customs ToR1 example
Simpsons ToR1 document
Simpsons ToR2 document
C1421 Inherited Goods sample
USA Customs form 3299
USA ISF 10+2 Form
USA Power of Attorney
USA Treasury Department form
USA Document Instructions


Country guides

Austria - importing from overseas
Belgium - importing from overseas
Denmark - importing from overseas
Finland - importing from overseas
France - importing from overseas
Germany - importing from overseas
Greece - importing from overseas
Hong Kong
Ireland - importing from overseas
Italy - importing from overseas
Netherlands - importing from overseas
New Zealand
Norway - importing from overseas
Portugal - importing from overseas
South Africa
Spain - importing from overseas
Sweden - importing from overseas
Switzerland - importing from overseas