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Simpsons UK and European Removals Simpsons UK and European Removals
Self storage facilities are essential if you want your excess belongings to be kept in a secure place, safely out of your way. Whether you’re travelling around the world, moving house or re-organising your personal life, using storage containers allows you to store items for as long as you like. At Simpsons, we provide the perfect solution for all your short term or long term self storage needs. If your possessions require safe keeping for a couple of weeks or a couple of years, we can help you.
To ensure our customers are able to store their goods for any length of time, we have warehouses that offer over 120,000 square feet of protected self storage space. Each storage unit has approximately 250 cubic feet (7 cubic metres) of space available and more importantly; all goods stored with Simpsons are fully insured throughout the duration of their stay.
We believe our self storage facilities are the simplest, cleanest and most secure containers available anywhere. You can find a fmore details of the storage options available with us below:

Household Storage
Storage of household items can be achieved by delivering the items to us yourself, or by using our collection service to collect your goods and place them into storage for you.

Under this option we offer containerised storage which is suitable for either the short or long term storage of stock, office effects, smaller archives and any other small commercial storage needs.

Archive Storage
Our large archive storage solutions can accommodate up to 580 archive boxes, or 480 document boxes. While our other archive storage solutions are perfect for accommodating smaller collections – up to 116 archive boxes, or 80 document boxes.

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