UK Removals Service for local and domestic moves throughout the UK

Finding a good removal company can be a difficult task, so at Simpsons we are happy to offer a domestic removals service that you can trust. No matter whether you are moving locally in the south east or are undertaking a move nationally within the UK, our experienced teams of packers will be able to ensure all your household belongings are packed and transported safely to your new home.

Whether you are moving from a flat, studio, stately home or an apartment, Simpsons should be your first choice. Our reliable service will help you to move anywhere in the UK – whether it’s London, Birmingham, Leeds, Belfast or Edinburgh.

Our extensive international network means that we can not only handle moves to the UK from Europe but also from overseas destinations.

So no matter where you are moving, when you choose Simpsons you receive the highest service standards from an experienced removal company.

We are bigger enough to offer great savings but small and local enough to really care about our customers.

Moving can be a demanding and stressful experience

Rest assured, with Simpsons, you can count on our nearly 40 years of experience to make your move as smooth and as stress free as possible. Whatever the size of your home, big or small, we will create a tailor-made removal to suit your needs and budget.

Simpsons are committed to providing an unparalleled level of service. We adhere to British Standard quality standards and we are committed to providing clear and concise information, acting fairly and reasonably with our clients at all times. We also offer our clients extensive shipment protection cover for all household removals, giving you complete peace of mind.

So, whether you are moving in Dartford, Kent or the South East, to northern England or Scotland, or even to the outback of Australia, you can count on Simpsons for a professional, efficient and well organised removal service.

Let Simpsons removers take the strain of moving house. Call us now on 01322 949 557.

Alternatively, complete the online quote request via this link.

If you want to pack your own possessions Simpsons Removals will gladly supply packaging materials for you. Please contact us for more details if you would like to order materials.

Insurance for your Move

Your goods will be handled with the utmost care at all times, however, if you move hundreds of items every day, even the most careful person can make a mistake. Simpsons can professionally pack your valued possessions using the latest methods and correct materials. We also choose the safest route for the transportation of your shipment.

It is important that you consider the merits of insurance and to do this a summary of the policy conditions offered by Simpsons is available to be viewed here. If a claim does arise the policy ensures that it is dealt with in a timely and professional manner by a reputable insurance company.

Although Simpsons will take care of all the details they can for you, this convenient checklist will make preparing for the move as simple and worry free as possible.

Moving out: Before the removal men arrive, be clear in what they are contracted to do and what you are expected to do. If in doubt, ask the surveyor or a member of our staff. Ordinarily, both householder and the removal men have fairly defined responsibilities (though a measure of flexibility on both sides is of course desirable)

Children: Children, who are naturally curious and can easily get in the way, may potentially be injured. The younger ones are best left with a neighbour or friend until it is time to leave.

Swings/Climbing frames: Generally dismantling these is one job you will do yourself, but be careful not to lose the bolts. If wish us to arrange dismantling please discuss this with our surveyor

Garage/Shed: Tie together garden tools, and prepare items to be lifted straight onto the vehicle.

Self-assembly furniture: If you have any furniture of the home assembly type particularly if made of chipboard, please note that we recommend dismantling units before the move, as the joints are seldom strong enough to survive even careful handling if the furniture is moved whilst still assembled.

Washing machines: Secure your washing machine drum, and disconnect it from the water supply and electricity.

Books: Books are very heavy, use our book cartons as they are smaller and easier to manage.

China & glass: Wrap each item individually in packing paper or bubble wrap, packing the heavier items first with lighter pieces on top. Remember that plates and dishes are packed vertically and not laid flat.

Moving in: Make sure that you (or some other responsible person) is on hand to admit the removal men. If no one is there and a reasonable waiting time expires, you could find yourself landed with storage and re-delivery charges. Enquire how long the vehicle will wait should you be inadvertently delayed on the way. It can also save time and confusion if you stand at the entrance and specify the location of each item as it is carried in.
Helping the move along: If you follow the guidelines suggested on this page you will find the removal men themselves responding to your good sense with extra efficiency and relaxed good humour. You can also help the move along by remembering to pack the kettle last. A cup of tea all around is a gesture always much appreciated.

Tipping: There is, of course, no obligation to tip the men, but, as with all personal services, people like to reward extra attention, willing good humour or a job well done. If you feel that a reward has been earned, the driver or packer in charge will distribute any gratuity given amongst the crew.

Who to tell

Utility Bills: Gas, Electricity, Water & Telephone
Banks/Building Society: Credit cards, standing orders
Doctors: Dentist, Medical Care & Private health care
Insurance: House, Contents, Car & Life insurance
Your Landlord
Your Tenants
Professional Advisors
: Solicitors, Accountants
 TV Licence
TV Rental
Your Employer
National Insurance/DHSS
Premium Bonds
Post Office:
 Mail Redirection
Local Authority: Removal from the electoral register
Insurance Companies: Household insurance, vehicle insurance

Your Personal arrangements

Here are the issues that should be addressed well ahead of time to ensure a smooth transition to your new life abroad.

Passports and visas: for yourself and your family
Work permit: if needed
Inoculations: for yourself, your family and your pets
Travel bookings completed
Tickets received
Overseas accommodation booked
International driver’s licence
Traveller’s cheques and currency
Charge cards issued

Moving your money/foreign exchange
Power of Attorney
Income Tax refund arrangements
Personal accident and medical insurance: for yourself and your family
Insurance for your valuable possessions
Arrange care and transportation of your pets: They hate moving more than humans and so need special attention – see

Part Load

Our part load service can provide a cost effective method of delivery for clients on a strict budget and for whom speedy delivery is not a priority.

To illustrate how a part load service works please refer to the illustration below. This shows the vehicle split into various loads based on volume. Our vehicles operate on this basis throughout the U.K. with delivery dates arranged in advance. All our U.K. fleet is in continuous communication so we are able to confirm specific times en route.

Dedicated Loads

This service, with guaranteed collection and delivery dates, enables you to choose a specific date or dates when your goods are to be collected and delivered at destination.

Packing Materials, Boxes and Bubble Wrap from Simpsons

We take care of the contents of your home by using skilled packers. Each piece of furniture is carefully handled and protected for the journey to your new home.

China, glassware, ornaments and fragile items are professionally packed using our range of cartons and modern packing materials. We will also pack books, utensils and linen.

Our packing materials are specially designed to prevent your property from being damaged during transit. All parcels and packages will be clearly marked with the room that they came from, this ensures that you do not arrive at your new home to a kitchen full of tools and a garage full of linen!

Frequently Asked Questions

Unless you have been told otherwise the vehicle will arrive between 8am and 9am and this is largely dependant upon traffic on the day(s) of removal. In the event that the vehicle does run late a free call to our operations dept on 0800 515930 is all that is needed to get an accurate eta.

Our vehicles are between 18 and 40 feet long. It is always best to allocate more space than we will need, 50 feet is a good compromise. If you are in a particularly difficult area then consideration for turning into your road or driveway may need to be addressed. This is relevant to both the property you are moving from and the property you are moving into.

It is usually the local authority (council) that deals with this matter. Occasionally the local Police will need to be informed. Telephone numbers are different for each area, directory enquiries will be able to assist you with telephone numbers.

Your quotation is based upon good access at both premises. As soon as you know that access may be difficult at the new premises you must tell us immediately. We will then have the opportunity to visit the premises and assess this ourselves and make adjustments accordingly. If you are moving out of your current area and it would not be practical for us to visit your new premises please find out from your vendor who is moving them out of their property and we can contact them for details of access.

Pictures and mirrors should be bubble packed and inserted into a picture carton. Mirrors with plaster of paris frames should ideally have a wooden case made to measure in addition to bubble pack. Oil paintings should not be bubble packed directly but covered in an export blanket first then bubble packed and finally placed into a picture carton. All of the materials suggested here are available from our packing materials section.

You will need to take out any heavy or breakable items such as magazines or perfumes. Light items such as T-shirts or underwear may be left in the drawers provided the unit is sturdy enough. Self assembly furniture does not respond well to moving so this type of furniture must only be moved while completely empty.

Our members of staff are neither qualified of insured to carry out this activity. If you are not confident with unplumbing any of your white goods it is best to call a plumber to do this. Similarly an electrician is the best person to disconnect your electric cooker.

The official advice on this is yes you should flat pack all self assembly furniture. If. however, you decide to have our staff move these items in an erect state you must be aware that we cannot take responsibility for their safe transit. You will also be responsible for the protection of flat packed furniture, ideally with bubble pack, due to the large number of sharp fitting that usually protrude from this type of furniture.

It is always best to move these items in the original packaging. This is usually available from your local electrical dealer for a small charge. If you cannot obtain the original packaging then standard packing materials must be used such as bubble pack, heavy duty cartons and perhaps export blankets for your television.

For clients that are moving on multiple days this is compulsory. If your removal is to take place on one day only you may leave your freezer cold but take the frozen goods in ‘cool bags’ yourself. If you decide to leave goods in your freezer our staff cannot be liable for either the frozen goods or indeed the freezer itself. Whilst the freezer may seem a heavy duty piece of equipment they are easily damaged if they are moved whilst full.

Clothes from drawers and shelves should be placed either into cartons or utility bags. Hanging garments can be placed onto garment carriers on the day of the removal by our staff. (Please ensure that all top buttons are ‘done up’ and hangers all face the same way) although they can fall off in transit so it is usually better to place them in cartons. If you are flat packing your wardrobes it may be necessary to purchase some temporary wardrobes or wardrobe cartons.

Under no circumstances should any jewellery, valuables, documents or monies be submitted for removal. Our insurance policy specifically excludes these items and they are safest if transported by you.

Gas cylinders cannot be transported on our vehicles. Flammable liquids, however contained, must not be submitted for removal either. Equipment such as garden mowers and chainsaws should be drained of all liquids beforehand.

It can be a very distressing and confusing time for pets during your move. For this reason they are best left either with a relative or at a boarding kennel for the duration of your removal. During transit it may be necessary to sedate the animal and your veterinarian will be able to advise you. Pet carriers are available quite cheaply from your local pet supply store.

It is always best if you have a clear idea of where you want your furniture to be placed. Our staff will endeavour to arrange the rooms to your liking but will not have the time to rearrange your room multiple times.

Our insurance does not cover our staff for this activity. It is also inherently time consuming and that does not lend itself to a swift, smooth relocation. It is best if you place all loft items into a spare bedroom or garage before removals day. This also gives you ample opportunity to sort and pack these items.

Our company operates on a first come-first served basis. If you expect to move on a Friday or at the end of a month you will need to offer more notice that for a mid week, mid month relocation. Therefore, directly you are given an idea of dates then telephone for availability and formally book your removal as soon as the date is confirmed.

No, we can only accept a confirmed booking.

Once you are given a removal date you must telephone to confirm that we have appropriate resources available to relocate you. We will then expect your acceptance of quotation along with payment for your removal. In the event that you are given less than 3 days notice for your relocation you will need to confirm acceptance electronically or bring the signed document to our offices and make payment by cleared funds transfer to our bank account.

Payment is required in full at the time of booking. The only exception being where we have a solicitor’s letter confirming payment of our charges on completion of a house sale/purchase. Payment may be made online via our secure website or taken over the phone at the time of booking.

Yes, you can. Provided that all items that you want to be moved have been shown to your relocation consultant, you can take any garden plants that you require. You must ensure that the pots are cleaned prior to the relocation and that ‘prickly’ plants are pruned and/or tied up to prevent injury. Also earthenware pots are prone to cracking after they have been exposed to frost and we can take no responsibility for their safe transit.

We are able to transport any car that is in at least rolling condition using our specialist trailer. Very small cars and most motorcycles can usually be accommodated on a removal vehicle during your relocation. A member of our staff under our own comprehensive insurance policy can also drive second or third cars to your new property.

If you purchase a full household pack then as the name suggests we will pack everything that requires packing. The only area you will have to accommodate yourself is perishable food and opened packets/jars/tins/bottles and to remove any fixtures and fitting that you wish to take with you. There is no need to purchase a china and glass pack in addition. This service does not include the dismantling or reassembly of furniture.

This service is aimed at clients who wish to have their breakables professionally packed for safe transit. Any items that would smash if dropped such as ornaments, plates, cups saucers, pictures and mirrors are accommodated by this service.

In the absence of original packaging a specialist computer crate and anti-static bubble pack would be used. You will, however, be expected to decommission the computer ahead of time and ensure the ‘bundling’ of all leads and connectors.

Call: 01322 949 557

Simpsons are a long established and quality approved company operating to British Standards for across the UK, for all European, International and Commercial removals

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  • good service today. Container from USA all unpacked. Well done

    Mr R McPherson
  • Excellent service, great workers. We were delighted with hoiw smoothly and professional everything went. I will let everyone know how great you were.

    Mr & Mrs Noone

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