International Removals to USA from the UK are easy with Simpsons

Get the best quote and service for your overseas removal to USA – we’ll take care of everything from initial home survey to delivery to your new address.

Removals to the United States of America do not have to be difficult or stressful. At Simpsons International Removals we have years of experience helping people move overseas from the UK and our team are in place to help you have a seamless experience.

Simpsons provide many many helpful removal services such as a packing team who will wrap your furniture and personal effects. They will ensure your goods arrive in perfect condition by using high-quality boxes and packing materials designed for international removals. Whether you are looking look for a small removal service or a large household move, Simpsons has you covered.

We regularly help people move their belongings from all locations in the UK to all the major destinations in USA including Orlando Florida, Las Vegas, Sioux Falls South Dakota, North Dakota Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Diego, Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles California and Chicago. We even deliver to inland destinations such as Idaho, Minnesota, Colorado and Texas!

Simpsons International Removals specialise in overseas removals and have a reputation for being one of the best removals companies for moving from the UK to USA. No matter whether it’s household goods, shipping personal effects or wrapping and packing, we can give you a comprehensive removals quote.


The cost of removals to the USA will depend on the volume of goods you are looking to send. It will also be dependent on the service e.g. air freight or sea freight.

Air freight service is the quickest service for your house move. For a cheaper service, you can use sea freight.

You will have the option of using both air freight and sea freight. Customers often use an air freight service for goods that are more urgent in their move and use a sea freight service for goods that are not as high priority in their move abroad.

Our experienced international movers’ team will be able to guide you on whether you will need a 20ft container or a 40ft container for your move to the US.

Small removals to USA

If you are looking for a small removal service to USA from the UK, we can help you. Whether you are looking to ship a couple of boxes or luggage, our removal service will ensure your belongings arrive at your new home in perfect condition.

You can have the option of our economy part loads road freight service, shared shipping container or express air freight.

International removal service to the USA

  • Door to door Service (pick-up and delivery to your new home)
  • Personally assigned Move Manager
  • Export wrapping and packing service
  • Professionally trained international packers service
  • Inventory for customs purposes for removals
  • Assistance with all USA documentation for moving overseas
  • Standard customs clearance included for removals
  • Antique and bespoke packing as required
  • Use of accredited international shipping lines
  • Storage Service in the UK or USA if needed
  • Air Freight Service or Sea Freight Service for removals
  • Moving furniture to the USA.
  • Full container load & part container loads for removals
International Removals to the USA from the UK

Removal Service To USA

Simpsons International Removals is a leading removal company, offering you a comprehensive range of services if you are looking to move your belongings to USA, each tailored to meet different needs and budgets.

Sea Freight Service – Container Shipping

For those who might be moving larger quantities of goods or seeking an even more cost-effective solution, sea freight services are also available. Whether that’s a full-load 20ft or 40ft container for larger moves or a part-load container for smaller quantities, sea freight is known for its economic value, especially for substantial moves, and while it may take longer than road transport, it offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for transporting your goods over longer distances.

Air Freight Service – For Small Moves

For the quickest transportation of your belongings to USA, air freight is the recommended option. This express courier service is ideal for smaller moves, such as sending boxes or luggage. Air freight stands out for its speed, making it the perfect choice for those who need their items to arrive in USA as quickly as possible. However, it is important to note that while air freight is the fastest method, it is generally more expensive than road or sea freight and is best suited for larger volumes of goods.

Contact our International Removals Consultants for advice and to get a quote for removals to the USA

Simpsons is one of the leading removal companies for providing helpful advice to our customers. Our International Removals consultant will be more than happy to help with your move to America and will answer any questions you may have about the removals process to the USA.

Our international removal service includes the USA, however, our comprehensive list of removals includes international moving to Europe and Overseas.

Complete the form below or cost calculator for an estimated cost for your removal to the USA. However, we recommend you book a home survey for an accurate quote for removals to the USA.

USA Removals FAQ Guide & Moving Checklist

How much do removals to USA from the UK cost?

The cost of removals to Amercia obviously varies greatly depending on the quantity you are taking and where in the USA you are moving to. The good news is that, as so many people move from the UK to United States, the cost of removals is surprisingly cheap – especially to areas around the big cities such as Washington, New York, Miami, Orlando and Los Angeles.

The cheapest removals to USA are by sea and costs per cubic feet decrease significantly as volume increases. You’ll certainly find that it is a lot cheaper to use our furniture removal service than to replace them all when you arrive in USA.

We offer a range of removal options depending on your budget. This includes economy part load road freight or shared shipping container, dedicated road freight or full container load by sea or express air freight for small and urgent moves.

You can use our online cost calculator to get an initial price or for a more accurate estimate, we highly recommend booking a home or video survey to get a more formal quote for the cost of your move to USA.

Remember our removal quotes are for a comprehensive door-to-door service including packing and standard customs clearance. Our quote does not include customs fees and duties which may be payable to local authorities on arrival.

International removals to USA

How long do removals to USA from the UK take?

Removals to America usually take 2-6 weeks for our full container service and 7-10 weeks for our part load (groupage) service. This times can very significantly depending on whether you are moving to the east coast of America, the west coast or one of the Midwestern states.

The times are for delivery to port, you will need to allow additional time for customs clearance on arrival in USA.

When relocating your belongings to USA, Simpsons’ comprehensive packing services have you covered. Our expert packing teams excel in export wrapping your furniture and efficiently packing boxes to ensure their safe arrival in flawless condition. Our highly trained packing crews specialise in packing for overseas moves and have years of experience.

We offer a range of export quality double-walled boxes of different sizes including tea cartons, book cartons and bike cartons. Other packing materials include blanket wrap, flow pack, bubble wrap and secure packing tape.

We can also provide bespoke custom wood cases and crates for delicate and special items that need additional protection. Our service also includes specialised antique packing, ensuring these valuable items are meticulously protected.

With our extensive experience in managing delicate and fragile items, we assure that every piece, from everyday furniture to precious antiques, receives the highest level of care and professional handling throughout the moving process.

We provide a range of storage services for your belongings if you moving to Australia. We have storage facilities across the UK and can also store your goods in USA until you are ready to receive them.

We have highly secure warehouses and can offer a range of flexible storage solutions depending on your needs including short term and longer term storage.

Removal Services for United States of America

At Simpsons we offer a variety of overseas removal services to meet your needs. Do not worry if you are unsure about which is most suitable for you as our advisers will be happy to talk you through the different options.

Full Household Overseas Removal Service

For full household removal of a 3 or 4-bedroom house we would usually recommend a full container for your sole use. These usually come in two sizes –20 and 40 ft.

We will pack the container at your house and it will be secured and customs sealed before heading off to the port.

Shared Container (Part Load) Overseas Removal Service

For smaller moves with furniture, boxes and other items, the most cost-effective option is our shared container service, sometimes called part load. In this case, we pack your belongings at your home and take them to one of our depots where they will be loaded into a container with other customers’ belongings heading for the same part of USA.

This is a cheap option for removals to America as the costs are shared proportionally.

Box and Bag Removal Service

For small moves to USA we recommend our box and bag removal service. This is the cheapest way to move your belongings to USA. We provide you with export quality cartons / boxes and packing materials.

We then collect your packed boxes and transport them to the United States by air or sea freight depending on your preference and budget.

International removals to USA

Popular states and cities we help people move to include:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Lousiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York City, North Carolina, Texas, New Orleans, Utah.

Our comprehensive service means we can undertake removals to any destination in the US. Contact us today to start the process of moving.

Furniture removals UK to USA

Moving furniture to USA from the UK needs far more care and attention than for a domestic removal. Each item is carefully packed by our removalists using export wrapping before being loaded into the container.

You can take all kinds of furniture to the United States including sofas, chairs, tables, cupboards and beds.

There are a variety of methods to send your car to the United States. For example in a container or by a roll-on-roll-off service.

It is often cost-effective to send your car in the same container as your house removal so that everything arrives at the same time.

There are some import requirements you need to be aware of before you send your car to USA. We suggest you contact our team to discuss options..

International Removal Insurance for your Move to USA

We would recommend taking out the shipment Protection Cover for peace of mind whilst your belongings are on their journey.

Whilst we have expert movers and packers who specialise in international removals and use accredited shipping lines that take special care of personal shipping containers, we cannot control every eventuality.

Just as you will likely have home contents insurance in the UK and travel insurance for your family, we recommend you discuss with your Move Manager the available options for protecting your belongings whist they are in transit.

Although Simpsons will take care of all the details they can for you, this convenient checklist will make preparing for the move as simple and worry free as possible.

Moving out: Before the removal men arrive, be clear in what they are contracted to do and what you are expected to do. If in doubt, ask the surveyor or a member of our staff. Ordinarily, both householder and the removal men have fairly defined responsibilities (though a measure of flexibility on both sides is of course desirable)

Children: Children, who are naturally curious and can easily get in the way, may potentially be injured. The younger ones are best left with a neighbour or friend until it is time to leave.

Swings/Climbing frames: Generally dismantling these is one job you will do yourself, but be careful not to lose the bolts. If you wish us to arrange dismantling please discuss this with our surveyor

Garage/Shed: Tie together garden tools, and prepare items to be lifted straight onto the vehicle.

Self assembly furniture: If you have any furniture of the home assembly type particularly if made of chipboard, please note that we recommend dismantling units before the move, as the joints are seldom strong enough to survive even careful handling if the furniture is moved whilst still assembled.

Washing machines: Secure your washing machine drum, and disconnect from water supply and electric.

Books: Books are very heavy, use our book cartons as they are smaller and easier to manage.

China & glass: Wrap each item individually in packing paper or bubble wrap, packing the heavier items first with lighter pieces on top. Remember that plates and dishes are packed vertically and not laid flat.

Moving in: Make sure that you (or some other responsible person) is on hand to admit the removal men. If no-one is there and a reasonable waiting time expires, you could find yourself landed with storage and re-delivery charges. Enquire how long the vehicle will wait should you be inadvertently delayed on the way. It can also save time and confusion if you stand at the entrance and specify the location of each item as it is carried in.

Helping the move along: If you follow the guidelines suggested on this page you will find the removal men themselves responding to your good sense with extra efficiency and relaxed good humour. You can also help the move along by remembering to pack the kettle last. A cup of tea all round is a gesture always much appreciated.

Tipping: There is, of course, no obligation to tip the men, but, as with all personal services, people like to reward extra attention, willing good humour or a job well done. If you feel that a reward has been earned, the driver or packer in charge will distribute any gratuity given amongst the crew.

Who to tell

Utility Bills: Gas, Electricity, Water & Telephone
Banks/Building Society: Credit cards, standing orders
Doctors: Dentist, Medical Care & Private health care
Insurance: House, Contents, Car & Life insurance
Your Landlord
Your Tenants
Professional Advisors
: Solicitors, Accountant
 TV Licence
TV Rental
Your Employer
National Insurance/DHSS
Premium Bonds
Post Office:
 Mail Redirection
Local Authority: Removal from electoral register
Insurance Companies: Household insurance, vehicle insurance

Your Personal arrangements

Here are the issues that should be addressed well ahead of time to ensure smooth transition to your new life abroad.

Passports and visas: for yourself and your family
Work permit: if needed
Inoculations: for yourself, your family and your pets
Travel bookings completed
Tickets received
Overseas accommodation booked
International driver’s licence
Traveller’s cheques and currency
Charge cards issued

Overseas banking arrangements / funds transferred
Power of Attorney
Income Tax refund arrangements
Personal accident and medical insurance: for yourself and your family
Insurance for your valuable possessions
Arrange care and transportation of your pets: They hate moving more than humans and so need special attention – see Transfur Animals
Currency transferGlobal Reach

Call: 01322 949 557

Simpsons are a long established and quality approved company operating to British Standards across the UK, for all European, International and Commercial removals

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  • Made my move so much easier the boys were very polite got the job done just what you need at a very stressful time Thank you !!!

    Kerry Baker
  • very happy with move The Simpsons team was very efficient in getting the move booked, and in helping me complete all the necessary paperwork. The pick up went smoothly, and communication was very good. The driver and his helper were very friendly and efficient.

    Andrew R

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