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If you are relocating abroad from Surrey, you will need a reliable international removal company. That’s where Simpsons comes in, offering expert services to facilitate your move to European and International destinations.

At Simpsons, we recognise the distinctiveness of every individual’s moving experience. Thus, we assist from the beginning, including packing, logistics, customs clearance, and timely delivery to your new residence abroad.

Our team ensures that each item is handled with care and consideration. They are trained to be attentive to your unique needs and concerns, providing reassurance and guidance throughout the international relocation process.

Simpsons International Removals specialise in overseas removals and have a reputation for being one of the best international removal companies for moving overseas. No matter whether it’s household goods, shipping personal effects or wrapping and packing, we can give you a comprehensive removals quote.

Our specialty in both European removals and International removals allows us to help you move to destinations worldwide such as Australia, New Zealand, Spain or Italy. Contact us today to get started.


Range of Services Offered Provided in Your Overseas Move from Surrey and Guildford

When you’re ready to make the significant leap to live abroad, transferring your possessions can seem stressful. That’s the moment Simpsons International Removals is here to help you.

We recognise the unique demands of each move and provide a range of suitable freight alternatives. Should speed be a priority, our air freight service is swift and efficient. For bulkier consignments, such as furniture removals, opting for sea freight can offer sizeable savings, though it takes longer. For relocations within the same continent, road freight is accessible and offers a cost-effective and adaptable option.

To enhance your moving experience, we assign a dedicated move manager to oversee your process. They will act as your constant point of communication, helping you navigate the paperwork and customs procedures.

To get started on your international relocation plans, with a reliable international removal company, you can use our online cost calculator.

Service Areas For Our International Removal Service from Surrey and Guildford

Our extensive network ensures we can facilitate your relocation from any area within the Surrey region and the rest of the UK. Below are some popular locations in Surrey we serve:

  • Guildford
  • Woking
  • Walton-on-Thames
  • Ewell
  • Esher
  • Reigate
  • Banstead

Simpsons is a leading international removal company with an adept team committed to safeguarding your delicate items wherever you are located in Surrey.

They will securely wrap your furniture to ensure they are well-protected, and meticulously pack your boxes to endure the trip to your new home across borders.

Overseas removals from Surrey '

International Removals FAQ Guide & Key Information

International removals from Surrey including Guildford are not one-size-fits-all and can vary significantly based on your target destination. Factors such as distance and the shipping service you choose will influence the process and cost.

Additionally, the amount of personal effects and household items you intend to relocate plays a critical role. To ensure you receive the most accurate estimate, take advantage of our comprehensive home or video survey option.

We offer a range of removal options depending on your budget. This includes economy part load road freight or shared shipping container, dedicated road freight or full container load by sea or express air freight for small and urgent moves.

Use our online cost calculator to get an initial price or for a more accurate estimate, we highly recommend booking a home or video survey to get a more formal quote for the cost of your move.

Remember our removal quotes are for a comprehensive door-to-door service including packing and standard customs clearance. Our quote does not include customs fees and duties which may be payable to local authorities on arrival.

The speed of your overseas relocation from Surrey hinges significantly on your destination. Shipping times can vary greatly, whether you’re moving to a bustling European city or a remote corner of another continent.

For European moves, it can take anything from 1-4 weeks depending on destination and type of move. Our overseas moves on average take anything from 6-12 weeks depending on the destination.

If speed is a priority, opting for a dedicated container service will expedite your move. This service allocates a shipping container exclusively for your use, allowing for a direct journey to your new location without the delays of consolidating shipments.

Conversely, a part load or shared container service might take longer, as it involves combining your goods with those of other customers. However, it is more cost-effective compared to a dedicated container shipping service.

As one of the leading international removal companies, we believe that packing is essential in the move. Our expert packing teams excel in export wrapping your furniture and efficiently packing boxes to ensure their safe arrival in flawless condition. Our highly trained packing crews specialise in packing for overseas moves and have years of experience.

We offer a range of export quality double-walled boxes of different sizes including tea cartons, book cartons, and bike cartons. Other packing materials include blanket wrap, flow pack, bubble wrap and secure packing tape.

We can also provide bespoke custom wood cases and crates for delicate and special items that need additional protection. Our service also includes specialised antique packing, ensuring these valuable items are meticulously protected.

With our extensive experience in managing delicate and fragile items, we assure that every piece, from everyday furniture to precious antiques, receives the highest level of care and professional handling throughout the moving process.

We provide a range of storage services for your belongings if you moving abroad. We have storage facilities across the UK and can also store your goods until you are ready to receive them.

We have highly secure warehouses and can offer a range of flexible storage solutions depending on your needs including short term and longer term storage.

For those who might be moving larger quantities of goods or seeking even more cost-effective solutions, sea freight services are also available. Whether that’s a full-load 20ft or 40ft container for larger moves or a part-load container for smaller quantities, sea freight is known for its economic value, especially for substantial moves, and while it may take longer than road transport, it offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for transporting your goods over long distances.

Popular destinations covered include:

New Zealand
South Africa
UAE / Dubai

Our network spans a variety of different locations, ensuring that wherever you go, you’ll receive our exceptional service.

Choosing road freight for European removals is ideal for those who want a good balance of cost-effectiveness and speed. This method ensures your belongings are moved efficiently by land, offering a quick and economical solution. With road freight, you have the option of a dedicated or part load service.

In the full load service, your items are transported in a dedicated road train, which is a bit more costly. On the other hand, the part load service allows your goods to share space in a road train with items from other customers, making it more budget-friendly.

We cover popular European destinations like Spain, Portugal, Singapore, and Greece with our removal services. Our expertise extends to numerous other locations, ensuring you receive top-notch service no matter your destination.

Choosing the optimal method to relocate your household items hinges on two pivotal factors: your budget and the urgency of your shipment’s arrival at your new residence.

Should speed be your paramount concern, particularly for urgent or time-sensitive moves, our air freight service is unparalleled. It ensures the quickest transport of your possessions, delivering your boxes to your destination in the fastest possible time frame.

On the other hand, if budgetary considerations take precedence and you seek a balance between efficiency and economy for shipping larger items such as furniture, our sea freight service is the recommended route.

For relocations within the European landscape, our road freight option emerges as a highly economical choice. Each transport strategy is crafted to cater to different priorities.

When choosing an international removal company, taking the time to read through reviews is crucial; they offer insight into the experiences of previous customers with the service. It’s also vital to check if the company offers a full range of services, including door-to-door delivery and packing services—conveniences that are part of Simpsons’ offerings.

Simpsons International Removals provides an international removal service from any destination in the UK to overseas destinations.

Popular cities we cover with our international removal service include:

  • London
  • Sheffield, Leeds & Yorkshire
  • Birmingham & West Midlands
  • Essex
  • East and West Sussex – Brighton
  • Manchester

Simpsons is a leading international removal company boasting skill and expertise within the international removal industry, having facilitated smooth transitions for countless individuals from various parts of the UK, notably including the bustling metropolis of Surrey and Guildford.

Our team is wholeheartedly committed to providing comprehensive support tailored to your unique moving needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle the complexities of international relocations with finesse, ensuring that every detail is managed with the utmost care. From the initial consultation to the final unpacking at your destination, our specialists are with you at every juncture.

Before entering the country, your personal belongings and household items must pass through customs clearance. To facilitate this process, your Move Manager plays a crucial role.

They will guide you on which items are permissible to bring into the country, ensuring compliance with local regulations and laws. The Move Manager will also provide expert advice on how to properly prepare and clean your belongings, a step that is often necessary to meet the country’s import standards.

This might include specific cleaning methods for different types of items and they can also advise you on packaging materials. Their guidance is aimed at making your transition as smooth as possible while avoiding any potential issues at customs.

Call: 01322 949 557

Simpsons are a long established and quality approved company operating to British Standards across the UK, for all European

WhatClients Say

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  • The removal men, James, Grant and Marcus arrived early and they worked so hard to get all our belongings safely into our new house. They were really accommodating and very careful with all of our things. I was expecting the day to be very stressful but as a result of them, it wasn’t at all. Would really recommend Simpsons.

    Mr & Mrs Ridgway
  • From the intial survey, booking and then the actual move everything was done in an efficient and proffessional way. Would recommend Simpsons to eliviate the stress and hard work of a house move.

    Martin Cole

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