How To Save Money On Your Move Overseas

How To Save Money On Your Move Overseas

Relocating to a new country is a significant undertaking that often comes with a hefty price tag. Between the logistical arrangements and the actual move, costs can quickly accumulate, making the process daunting for many. However, with the right strategies and careful planning, it’s entirely possible to cut down on these expenses, leaving you with more financial freedom to enjoy your new surroundings.

At Simpsons International Removals, we specialise in international relocations and have a wealth of experience in helping people move efficiently and economically. In this guide, we’ll provide you with practical advice and straightforward tips to help you save on your international move from the UK, enabling you to use your savings for a better start in your new home or for exploring your new country.

If you require assistance in moving your household belongings, make sure to contact our team and they will be more than happy to assist you. Now, explore the following for valuable advice on saving money whilst relocating overseas.

1. Planning and Preparation

Start Early

The key to a cost-effective move is early planning. Begin your preparations several months in advance to give yourself enough time to research, compare options, and make informed decisions.

Early planning can also help you secure early booking discounts and avoid last-minute expenses that can quickly add up.

Starting early will also help with your budgeting and remove much of the stress of your move overseas.

Declutter and Downsize

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to reduce moving costs is to move less. Take a thorough inventory of your belongings and decide what truly needs to make the journey with you.

Sell, donate, or dispose of items that are no longer necessary. Remember, the cost of moving is largely determined by the volume and weight of your shipment.

By decluttering, you not only save on shipping costs but also have a chance to start fresh in your new home.

2. Choosing a Moving Company

Get Multiple Quotes

Don’t settle for the first quote you receive. Instead, request detailed quotes from multiple reputable international moving companies. You can receive these quote by conducting a home or video survey, a service provided by Simpsons International Removals.

Ensure these quotes are based on the same volume estimates and services so you can make a like-for-like comparison. Pay close attention to what’s included in each quote to avoid unexpected charges later on.

It is important though to choose a reliable international removal company – false economies could cost you not only more money but more stress and problems further down the road.

Understand Your Shipping Options

You’ll typically have the choice between road freight, sea freight and air freight depending on your destination country. Sea freight is more affordable and suitable for large shipments but takes longer. Air freight, while faster, is considerably more expensive and generally used for essential items needed immediately upon arrival. Consider your budget and timeline to choose the most cost-effective option.

Another consideration is whether to go with shared or part load shipping container or van or a full dedicated load. Generally a shared groupage service is most cost effective but once you reach a certain volume you could save by having a sole use container.

Choose a company that has experience moving to your destination

If you choose a specialist international removal company that has experience moving people to your destination country, they will be able to help you save with better shipping rates and economies of scale. Their experience will also help ensure you avoid common pitfalls and have a better experience on your arrival abroad.

3. Smart Packing Strategies

DIY Packing vs. Professional Packing

Packing by yourself can save you money, but it’s crucial to do it correctly to avoid damage. Invest in quality packing materials and learn proper packing techniques to maximise space and protect your belongings. However, for most people professional packing is a better choice, you’ll not only save yourself a lot of hassle but also save on your insurance costs.

People often dramatically underestimate the amount of work and also the skill level involved in export packing for a move overseas. Our professional packers have years of experience and will even take care of the customs inventory for you.

Essential Packing Supplies

This is another area you should skimp on for an international move. Fortunately, most good European removals companies will include packaging costs within their quote.

4. Timing Your Move

Avoid Peak Seasons

Moving rates can vary throughout the year, with peak seasons typically being the most expensive due to high demand. If possible, schedule your move during off-peak times, such as mid-fall or early spring, to take advantage of lower rates. These can vary by destination country so speak to your moving company.

Flexible Moving Dates

If your schedule allows, be flexible with your moving dates. Sometimes, moving companies can offer better rates if you’re able to adjust your schedule to fit their availability, particularly if they have a partially filled container or a returning vehicle.

5. Financial Considerations

Tax Deductions and Relocation Benefits

Investigate potential tax deductions related to moving expenses. Additionally, if your move is employment-related, inquire about relocation packages or benefits from your employer, which can cover a significant portion of your moving costs.

You may also be able to reclaim tax from HRMC if you move part way through the tax year.

Customs and Import Taxes

Each country has its own set of rules and regulations regarding imports and taxes on personal belongings. Familiarise yourself with these to avoid costly surprises. Most countries offer concessions to returning residents or new immigrants, so it’s worth investigating if you qualify.

Beware customs inspection and biosecurity fees

Many countries have strict lists of what can and can’t be imported. This is particularly the case for Australia and New Zealand who have biosecurity measures in place. Importing banned items or outdoor items that need to be cleaned can significantly add to your moving costs.

You can save on these costs by checking what can be shipped and making sure all items are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for shipping.

6. Selling and Replacing Items

Deciding What to Sell

Evaluate the cost of shipping large items against their value and the cost of replacement. In some cases, it might be more economical to sell some appliances and purchase new ones in your destination country.


Buying vs. Shipping

Consider the availability and cost of items in your new country. For some items, it might be cheaper to buy new once you arrive rather than pay to ship them overseas, but for other countries the opposite is the case.

Don’t underestimate the cost of replacing all your belongings with new ones – it’s often cheaper to ship what you have.

7. Additional Cost-Saving Tips

Insurance Options

While opting for moving insurance is an additional cost, it can provide peace of mind and financial protection against loss or damage. Assess the value of your belongings and choose an insurance option that offers the right level of coverage at a reasonable price.

At Simpsons we offer a specialist Shipment Protection Policy which enables you to only cover the items you want and also save on insurance premium tax.

Beware of over valuing your items – this will increase your premiums and insurance companies will only pay out on their second had replacement value unless you have an ‘old for new’ policy.

Money Transfers

When you need to transfer funds internationally for moving expenses or to set up your new life, look for currency exchange services that offer competitive rates and low fees. This can lead to significant savings compared to traditional bank transfers.

In fact, this could be the single biggest money saving tip in this article especially if you are transferring large sums of money such as the proceeds of a house sale.

if you wish to save money on your currency transfers, why not talk to the company we rely for our transfers? Click here to get more information and a no-obligation quote.

Choosing a Cost-Effective Destination

You will probably be set on your destination country, if you have flexibility in where you will live, consider locations with a lower cost of living. Finding nice suburbs or different regions, outside of major cities can not only save you money but often give you a better lifestyle. This can make your overall relocation and settlement more affordable, from housing costs to everyday expenses.

Are you looking to move overseas?

Moving overseas requires significant financial outlay, but with the right strategies, you can make substantial savings. By decluttering, comparing moving companies, choosing the right shipping method, packing efficiently, and timing your move wisely, you can reduce costs without compromising on the quality of your relocation experience.

Remember, every item you decide to move, every service you choose, and every decision you make regarding timing and destination can impact the overall cost of your move.

Ready to start planning your overseas move? Contact Simpsons International Removals for expert advice, competitive quotes, and professional moving services tailored to your needs and budget. Let us help you save money and enjoy a seamless transition to your new home abroad.

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