So you’re moving abroad – which of our services is the most suitable fit for you?

With the skies getting brighter, the days longer and the weather more hospitable, in many ways, the spring and summer are the perfect times of year to coordinate a move abroad… but of course, in certain other ways, they aren’t.

Sometimes, after all, hot weather can be more of a hindrance than a help, making you feel flustered at a time when you need to pay attention to the finest details of your looming relocation. Plus, as holiday season approaches, it can increasingly feel as if everyone in the UK is setting off somewhere abroad, however temporarily.

It’s all the more crucial, then, to select the right removals service for your specific requirements when you are seeking out overseas movers like our own here at Simpsons Removals. Here are some of the services that we provide, and which can be instrumental in taking vital stress and worry out of the planning of your big move.

Full container load service

When you have an especially ambitious move planned with regard to the sheer quantity of possessions you will be moving, as well as if your goods must be delivered on a specific preset date and you have the budget to pay for this, it makes sense to demand a dedicated sole use container. Such a container load of your belongings can be taken directly to the port of export.

Part container load service

This is a service that our overseas movers are especially frequently asked about, and it’s easy for us to understand why! This ‘Groupage’ service in many ways represents the perfect combination of practicality, efficiency and affordability, and still enables you to be specific about when your consignment is to be collected. You will need to be flexible about the delivery date, however.


This is a key element of our offer as overseas movers, partly because of our own purpose-built facilities here in the UK, but also because of the scope for storage that we can give you around the world. The latter is made possible by the strong partnerships with other firms across the globe that you would expect from a company like ours that has been in the removals business since 1979.


Did you know that having our professionals undertake a complete export pack of your goods could even enable you to enjoy a higher level of insurance cover, in addition to the utmost standard of protection during transit? Alternatively, if you prefer to do your own packing, we’re happy to provide the materials – including small boxes, bubble wrap and more – that you’ll need to do so.

Excess baggage service

This service is rather less substantial than our aforementioned part load and full load services, thereby making it a more cost-effective solution if you simply need to send a few smaller items to a location beyond our shores.

We can serve your most demanding requirements as overseas movers when you request a suitably tailored quote from us – as you can do online or by calling 0800 515 930. When you do so, our skilled and experienced team will be able to advise you on the best service for your big relocation abroad.

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